20 Funny Pics That Are High In Fiber And Great As Part Of A Balanced Breakfast

More and more people are taking to skipping breakfast nowadays, although it was often said to be one of the most important meals of the day. Lucky for you though, I've got just the thing to get you ready for the day ahead!

From people who managed to work peacefully alongside geese to individuals who saw the strangest things at Burger King, here are 20 funny pics that are high in fiber and great as part of a balanced breakfast!

"My son, ever the realist."

This person went on to add, "He was asking about how [Plymouth] is now, and I [explained that] they've got a historical area, but most of Plymouth now has toilets, electricity, and running water. He still wasn't interested."

"Fun facts at the flower shop."

Well, well, well... I always knew that this was the case and it is nice to finally have it proven! The fact that my girlfriend wanted us to move into a hive was the final clue!

"Introducing the cube croissant!"

This is one of the strangest breakfast foods that I have ever seen. And yet, there is no way that I would be able to leave that shop without buying at least three! I wonder what it's like inside.

"Play with the baby bears they said, it will be fun they said."

You can see in the back that the people playing with the baby goat are having a great time. There is a definitely a lesson to be learned here!

"My office is a fun place!"

I didn't realise that the mid-2000's indie pop sensations MGMT has such strong thoughts on people tipping out candy! Yep, all of that simply because management shortened their name to mgmt on that flyer.

"My nephew got a 100 on his spilling test."

If the word "spelling" was not specifically on the test then this kid did nothing wrong, he earned that 100 fair and square! He did kind of dodge a bullet with this one.

"You can't spell funeral with out fun."

Perhaps they are planning on having a viking funeral for the person in the back of that hearse? I can think of much worse ways to celebrate a funeral than by being cast off in a burning canoe.

"Excuse me, you have egg on your shoes."

I've heard about walking on eggshells but this is just ridiculous! Seriously though, what is the design thought behind this? Did they just want to aim for a really cracking aesthetic? Urgh, don't worry, I'll stop now.

Can You Spot The Shyest Dog?

"My friend's pet is very shy, specially around other dogs. Today was his first doggy day care. This is the photo the dog sitter sent to him. Guess where he is in the photo?" wrote the person who posted this.

"Just a policeman and his partner doing their job!"

"Well, what do you reckon officer Honks? Do you think that they're telling the truth?"

*Furious honking sounds...

"I think you're right, Honks... I think that they're lying through their God damn teeth!"

"Fun with your old friend 'Clippy'!"

There is probably a worrying amount of people that this is lost on. I always hated that little paper clip, he has a very irritating attitude. I don't think that I know anyone who actually liked him either.

"Someone packed up camp and bailed, but left this."

This is actually a strangely well-put-together thing that they have managed to fashion. It looks pretty damn sturdy if nothing else, which is one of the most important things when it comes to a portable toilet, I guess?

The 50s Were A Pretty Wild Time...

In case you're struggling to read the writing, this person explained: "My grandfather's diary from 1952, Jan 31st was my mum's birthday: 'Spent evening at Harpers (his favorite pub) while Phylis (grandma) had the baby.'"

"Guy at coffee shop shows off his solution to the $999 Apple stand."

Maybe he should try and carve the Apple logo into a load of these coat hangers and then he can start selling his new invention for just under a grand a pop!

"These face-swapping apps are the most fun in museums."

The painting's face on his body is quite unsettling and I cannot figure out exactly why. I think that it might be the painting's weirdly grey pupils. Still, it's a better painting of an eye than I could do.

"I looked over and saw that my cat was doing the same thing as the curtain."

A classic example of life imitating art. Someone did also suggest that this person should now go and get this picture turned into a new shower curtain.

It Is An Amphibious Exploring Vehicle!

This would be something else if they could actually ride it both on land and on water. However, something tells me that this weird bike may not exactly be equipped to handle water travel.

"Lady at a local cake shop just made this for fun..."

I think that most people would be more accepting of an I.O.U if it was presented to them in the form of such a perfectly assembled cake! The bird is a weird little touch as well!

"Knights lining up to receive their meal from the king."

Christ, that is a lot of horses that they are jamming into a very small area! Spread out a bit lads, jostling to be the first in the queue isn't going to make the queue go down any quicker!

"College can be one hell of a wild ride..."

However, one professor actually responded by writing:

"As a professor, although not in psychology field, I would give you high marks for your answer. You are providing the required information, just in a humorous manner. Plus reading this would definitely break the monotony of reading the same 'textbook' answers from your peers. Kudos."