Ryan Reynolds Put Jokes Aside To Share What Makes His Marriage To Blake Lively Successful

Around Hollywood, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have become infamous for their back and forth banter, as well as their love for trolling one another.

But in a recent exclusive with Entertainment Tonight, Ryan put jokes aside to share the secret of his successful marriage. According to Ryan, it all boils down to one simple thing — you've got to like the one you're with.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the most beloved celebrities in all of Hollywood.

Ever since his breakout role in National Lampoon's Van Wilder, Ryan has become a force to be reckoned with. He's revered for his good humor and celebrated for his carefree, laidback approach to life.

He also happens to be a total babe.

Let's not forget that Ryan was also the first Canadian ever to be named People magazine's "Sexiest Man of the Year" back in 2010. Suffice it to say that he does the country proud.

Most importantly of all, Ryan is a loving father and a devoted husband.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, rarely serious Ryan sat down and spilled the tea on what makes his relationship with wife Blake Lively so successful.

According to Ryan, the secret to his and Blake's long and lasting marriage lies in their friendship.

"We don’t take each other too seriously, but we're also friends," Ryan explained during a press tour for the recently released Netflix action flick — Red Notice.

"Falling in love is great, but do you like each other?" Ryan asked rhetorically.

"That's kinda the question you gotta ask yourself, you know, going into it," he explained thoughtfully. "We've always liked each other. We grow together. We learn from each other."

"So yeah, I'm lucky to have a buddy in that," Ryan said.

It appears that Ryan and Blake will have plenty of time to buddy around, now that Ryan has officially announced his sabbatical from acting. When ET broached the topic, Ryan explained how he made the decision for his kids.

Ryan talked about how his main goal was to squeeze in as much dad time as possible.

"For me, it's really about getting some quality time with my kids before they're teenagers who loathe me," Ryan said with a smile.

But just because Ryan says he's taking a break, don't expect him to disappear from the big screen any time soon.

As it stands right now, Ryan still has six — that's right, six different movies in various stages of production. All of which should be released within the next two years.

Ryan also isn't shutting the door on the possibility of taking on more work in the future.

When Ryan was asked whether or not he'd be interested in doing another Red Notice movie, the actor admitted that he wouldn't need to be coaxed very hard.

"I think we have to wait and see. But if they wanna do a sequel, that would be certainly something," Ryan said.

Ryan went on to say that "We all obviously get along, so it wouldn’t be that hard to get us all together again."

Whatever the future holds for Ryan, all we can say is that we wish him well.

Soak up every second you can with your kids and come back to us hungrier, funnier, and more inspired to work than ever before! And please, when you do — let's make Deadpool 3 a priority!