Ryan Reynolds Sparks Debate On When It's Appropriate For Kids To See Scary Movies

Your first scary movie is a rite of passage growing up. For some it sparks a lifelong love of the genre, for others it scares you so bad you swear to never watch another horror movie in your life, and for others, well, it's just not a very good memory.

How young you are when you have this experience can sometimes be up to your parents' discretion!

Ryan Reynolds recently got fans talking about this issue after making a joke on Instagram.

"My one year old daughter is obsessed with Baby Shark. All day. Every day. There’s only one way to fix this," Ryan wrote on Instagram alongside stills from the horror film The Shallows starring his wife, Blake Lively.

While Ryan was clearly joking about showing his one year old a horror movie, fans started talking in the comments.

Some fans joked about how watching scary movies too young can really affect a child.

"About to rock this child’s mentality and give them some small childhood trauma," one fan commented playfully.

"Noooooooo. I saw Jaws as 4 year old and was afraid of baths. Come on. Baths. Let’s not discuss pools," one fan commiserated.

Others shared their own (or their kids') stories of seeing scary movies at a young age and loving it!

"My daughters love that movie. Mar was 6, loved. Cheered on the shark!" one fanw rote.

"I started watching scary movies when I was a toddler and I loved them, still love them today!" another shared.

What do you think?

At what age is it appropriate for a kid to see their first scary movie? Does it depend on what kind of scary movie? Let us know how you feel in the comments section below!