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I Clearly Don't Know Anything: We've Been Cooking Our Mushrooms Wrong Too

You don't need Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen with you to say you're doing something wrong. We have TikTok for that!

So many amateur and professional chefs have gone viral for blowing people's minds with their cooking instructions. Like this guy who said we've been pouring oil wrong all our lives.

Now, one TikToker is showing people the right way to cook mushrooms!

Get on your aprons and cooking hats, folks! It's time for a cooking lesson.

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While you may think your scrambled eggs are chefs kiss, one actual chef has proven this wrong.

Dan Churchill shared the three cooking mistakes people make when making scrambled eggs.

Number one, your frying pan is too hot.

This makes it easier to overcook the eggs, and no one wants rubbery eggs. "Keep your pan at medium-high heat so you can control cooking your eggs evenly," he said.

Second, resist the urge to constantly stir your eggs while they're cooking.

"You want to create layers, providing an even cooking effort not always stirring them," he continued.

"Slide spatula towards you and tilt pan back to allow wet to fall onto the cooked surface. You will have beautiful soft layers!" Lastly, you want to actually undercook the eggs!

It sounds backwards, but the chef says that the eggs are still cooking with the residual heat once you take them out of the pan.

People loved the advice! "That’s some five star delish right there!" Another added: "Great tips Dan! Learned something new today."

Now, mushroom lovers, hold on to your hats. This next mind-blowing cooking hack is for you!

It was shared by Anita on her TikTok account @tastyentertaining.

She said that you don't need to wash your mushrooms before cooking long as long as you peel them first.

"Peel them?" you're probably asking, dumbfounded.

Yep, in addition to the eggs, it turns out we've also been cooking mushrooms wrong our whole life!

If you don't peel off the top layer, you must wash the mushroom. But it's best to avoid this since mushrooms are kind of like a sponge, she said.

This means that they will absorb the water, therefore ruining the taste.

To do Anita's life-changing trick, "simply turn them over, snap off the stem, peel them."

After you're done peeling, don't throw the peels away! You can use these in stock for soup or broth.

TikTok users were blown away by Anita's viral hack.

"I've been sitting here rubbing each one with a paper towel for 3 centuries and I could have just been peeling them," one girl wrote with an exasperated emoji.

"I was today years old when I found out mushrooms can be peeled," another wrote.

A third was surprised people weren't already doing this.

Many users, however, weren't ready to stop washing their mushrooms.

"I'm never gonna stop washing my mushrooms. Thank yewww," one wrote. "Nah I always wash them! Just be patient and let them dry completely before cooking," another countered.

If you like her mushroom cooking hack, you'll appreciate this next one.

It's a game-changer if you're sick of using one tablespoon of tomato paste for a recipe and then throwing out the rest.

She takes a can of tomato paste and flattens it down in a ziplock bag.

Then, she presses lines into the spread-out paste and freezes it.

This hack has given people smaller portions of tomato paste that they can break off whenever needed. So much better than wasting food!

For more cooking hacks, check out @tastyentertaining on TikTok