1 In 5 Americans Would Rather Give Up Sex For A Year Than Ever Have To Do Dishes Again

Look, I don't love doing the dishes. In fact, I hate it. I will comfortably sit here and tell you all that I hate getting pruney hands and wet arms after digging through the 5th round of dirty dishes that day.

However, do I hate it enough to give up sex for a year so I'd never have to do them again? Absolutely not!

Doing the dishes is something many people despise — myself included.

I will willingly scrub a toilet before I will happily pick up a soggy sponge. But I do it every.damn.day because it's called being an adult!

So when I heard there was a recent poll that asked Americans if they'd give up sex for a year to never have to wash a dish again, 1 in 5 said YES!

Unsplash | Marek Studzinski

According to the poll, run by Birds Eye in partnership with Kelton Global, 1 in 3 Americans dread doing the dishes every day.

Out of those polled, 1 in 5 said they would give up sex for a year in exchange for never washing a dish again.

I think that's kind of crazy, no?


h/t: PR Newswire.