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People Are Sharing Things That'll Make Them Say 'No' To A Relationship Right Away

Finding a significant other is a complicated journey. Sometimes, we meet people and hit it off, but there are little things that turn us off completely to going steady with them. Maybe it's their voice or the way they interact in public or even the way they carry themselves. Sometimes, there are total dealbreakers that we cannot stray away from.

Being a bad guest at someone's house.

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Reddit user Cyllev said that being a bad guest at someone else's home would be a total dealbreaker for them. Not saying thank you, leaving a mess behind them and not cleaning up after them, or even being rude. That is a total "see ya."


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"I had an ex who consistently lied and omitted things. Usually not about anything huge, but she had a habit of it and didn’t seem to think it was wrong. The longer we dated the worse it got. Eventually it really divided us because I couldn’t trust anything she said," shared wheresmychin.


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User Quiet_talk said that one of the things he ended things with someone over was that they littered. He was on a hike and just kept throwing his garbage everywhere.


Not being a critical thinker.

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"Not being a critical thinker. I’ve thought of a whole laundry list of things that would be dealbreakers but they all boil down to whether or not he could think critically," said Reddit users Whohead12.

Always being on their phone.

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Fisherman_Gabe said the constant need to always be on your phone is something that is make or break for them. No one wants to sit down at a table with someone who is constantly texting and looking at social media.

Thinking they know everything.

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"I had an ex who was, not exactly condescending, but he never once said 'oh really? I didn’t know that!' In five years of relationship. He ALWAYS knew everything, even when it was obvious he didn’t," said NoMamesMijito.

Not being supportive during hard times.

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"If someone can't handle being a decent human being when I'm heartbroken, what are they going to act like when it's my mom? Dad? Dog even?

'Woops sorry but I don't wanna hang out because you're sad,'" shared FireAsh47.

Not trying to get along with friends.

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"If they don't even attempt to get along with my friends. Or watching videos on your phone, volume all the way up at a restaurant, on a double date.

Believe or not I dated a guy that did both, and I cringe thinking back on it," said BigCitySnipes.

People who act entitled.

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bangcamaroxx said that those who act as though they are better than other people because they had more growing up is a total deal-breaker for them. Entitlement is definitely not an attractive quality.

Someone who hoards.

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"I made this mistake once, I got into a relationship with a hoarder. I eventually realized that her deeply dysfunctional relationship to objects extended to the people around her. I was not an actual person, I was just another acquisition that was acquired and subsequently treated shabbily," shared nibo001.

Not believing logic.

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"I have a guy I work with who also does not believe dinosaurs ever existed. His logic is that the governments clearly planted them to create tourism.

He said, 'What you just think someone goes to a site, starts randomly digging, and just happens to find whole skeletons in the ground?'" said another.

Having weird social cues.

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"He told me he would much rather make small talk with a stranger then have a deep conversation with good friends. I don't know why I didn't see it before but that described perfectly why we never connected on a deeper level after being together for two years," shared yuffieisathief.

Being way too clingy.

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A few people on Reddit did agree that being too clingy, especially at the start of the relationship as it might be a bad sign of how someone can act in the future.

Having a whiney voice.

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"The one that surprised me - about myself - was a whiny voice. Person had everything else going for them, but after a few hours I just couldn't stand the thought of listening to that voice over the long haul," shared komatiite.

Cheating in the past.

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Brainplague_II said that ever cheating is a bad look. Once a cheater, always a cheater, as some will say and believe. It doesn't give people much hope if you had done so in the past.