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People Are Sharing Times They Were Backstabbed By A Family Member

Getting backstabbed by a family member is a different kind of hurt.

As your blood, they're supposed to always have your best interests at heart. So when they break that trust, it's hard to overcome.

Some people have had family members lie to them, steal, and even trick family members over money!

Yep, these people got done dirty. Here are their stories.

The lawyer

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This Redditor's aunt took care of their grandfather who had Alzheimer's. Since she was a lawyer, she was able to change his will to put all of his money towards her own children...

The evil stepmother

"Rather than listening to reason, my dad decided to believe the lies she told him about me. First it was small, like I was doing illegal drugs. Then it started getting bigger and bigger, such as telling my dad that the missing money from their account was from me stealing it." -u/nothidingfromyou

The loud-mouthed sister

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"My sister told all our friends that I had an abortion when it was very clear that was between us and our mother. I didn't talk to her for several months." - u/deleted

The eviction

This Redditor was backstabbed by their cousin. They were living in their grandmother's house when the cousin convinced her to sign it over to him without a lawyer present. His first order of business was to throw the Redditor and their family out.

The outing

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"Outed me to the entire extended family at Lunar New Year without my express permission after I told him not to do so, and put me in real [expletive] danger. Note to others: do not ever do this, it is one of the most disgusting, morally corrupt things you can do." - u/tenaciousfall

The thief

"Cousin stole thirty thousand dollars from my grandpa over the course of 14 months. He's still in jail (for something unrelated) so I haven't had a chance to show him my displeasure." - u/TheInebriatedMic

The family heriloom

One woman was backstabbed by her own sister. Since they have a huge age gap between them, the sister never treated her kindly. When their mother died, the woman had her heart set on her china.

But the sister did a despicable thing.

She ​held a garage sale and sold the china for $100. She then had the sister drive hours to go and pick it up, just to see her reaction when she found out it was already sold.

The forgery

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"When my grandmother was dying, a few unscrupulous members of my family got her thumbprint on some official documents (she can't write in English) to get a lump sum of her pension (she hadn't been collecting it) at the time." - u/keepcalmandcarryon


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"My younger OCD brother was arguing with my mother in the car, when I was around twelve. Long story short, her craziness kicked in and she grabbed my Gameboy from my brother and threw it out the car window onto the city highway. Oh, the tears that were shed that night." - u/deleted

The sword

This Redditor's grandfather was a real history buff. Before he died, he said he wanted to leave the Redditor his WWII German Luger and his Civil War sword. Sadly, the grandfather's brother-in-law pawned the items before he died.

The inheritance

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"A good part of my dad's side of the family absolutely abhors the fact that I'm the only grandson (read: inheritance / only heir) and have made several offhanded comments about how it'd be good if I didn't exist, etc." - u/keepcalmandcarryon

The journal

"My parents read my journal when I was a teenager. I'm almost through with college and have a good relationship with my parents, but when I think about this, I still feel a seething, white hot, anger." - u/neurokid

The cheater

"Not my story but my dad slept with my brother's GF, while he was in rehab. my dad and bro's ex gf are still together oh and my brother has a little girl with that woman." - u/irrelevantalttext

The box

Before this Redditor's mom died, they told them that they were leaving them a lockbox with some personal effects and money in it. One of their family members knew the combination and ended up robbing the box, which held thousands of dollars.

The stolen land

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"After my grandfather passed away, my step uncle tried to forge the paperwork for one of the plots of land my grandfather owned (~35 acres of land) before it was split amongst my father and his siblings." - u/FINALAVENUE

The disowned child

Most of this Redditor's Orthodox Jewish family disowned them when they came out as gay. The family was upset that they didn't want to live life on their terms and have a bunch of kids.

The will

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"After my wife's grandfather died 8 years ago, her aunt guilt tricked the grandmother in writing a will which would give the aunt the house and cut the two brothers out." - u/saimen54

The cold shoulder

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"Went to the police when my sister finally told my mum that our uncle was molesting her. He still gets invited on holidays with my mothers family, while we get the cold shoulder." - u/JellyBeanPoops

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