19 Ridiculously Expensive Things Celebrities Spent Their Money On

If you won the lottery today, what would you spend your millions on? If you said "ridiculously expensive things," you're not alone.

The celebs are faced with this question every day.

While there are times to be frugal, there are times to spend, spend, spend! Sometimes they drop thousands on their children.

Here are 19 ridiculously expensive things celebrities spent their money on!

Celiné Dion - humidifer

Talented vocals like the Canadian singer's need to be protected at all costs.

In this case, she had Caesars Palace install a $1.9 million humidifier into the hotel where she did her Las Vegas residency.

Kesha - glitter

The singer has confessed to spending thousands on glitter every month for her performances.

"Honestly, it's pretty exorbitant," she told Vanity Fair.. "It's probably more like a few thousand every month. If you come and see a show of mine, there is no shortage of glitter."

Beyoncé - gold designer leggings

With a net worth of over $400,000, Bey can afford to splurge on ridiculously expensive items.

In 2007, she purchased a pair of Balenciaga leggings that were made of real gold for over $100,000.

Miley Cyrus - Range Rover for her pets

In case you didn't know, the singer is a major animal lover.

She loves to spoil her dogs rotten, which is why she bought them a Range Rover Sports car to drive them around in!

Lil Wayne - a gold grill

You know that famous gold grill the rapper always flashes in his music videos?

Well, he got that famous smile thanks to the tune of $150,000. Just curious: does he have to brush his teeth with gold toothpaste?

Paris Hilton - a doggie mansion

Miley isn't the only celeb spoiling their pets rotten!

The hotel heiress once spent $325,000 build this 300-square-foot mansion that's modeled after her home. It comes fitted with AC and designer furniture. Can we move in??

Drake - an "experience" shower

What's an "experience" shower, exactly? The rapper explained this during his 2011 Complex interview.

"It's a shower that's lit by all LED lights. It has 10 jets, an overhead, and it sprays out lavender or whatever scents you want. It's something I've always wanted."

Bono - travel fees for his hat

When the U2 singer was supposed to perform a charity concert in Italy, he wasn't about to do so without his lucky Stetson hat.

He ended up paying $1,500 on cab fare, first-class plane tickets, and insurance to retrieve it.

Lady Gaga - ghost equipment

Just call her the newest Ghostbuster!

The singer believes in paranormal activity and spent $39,000 on Electro Magnetic Field meters to detect them! She uses the gear on the road to ensure her hotel rooms and tour venues are ghost-free.

Lil John - diamond chain

Does your chain hang low, wobble to the flo', or cost $500,000? Well, Lil John's does!

The "Crunk Ain't Dead" chain has 3,756 diamonds and weighs 2.3 kg. No wonder he carries it instead of wearing it.

Russell Simmons - gold toilet

Unsplash | Sharon McCutcheon

According to the entrepreneur, the gold-leaf-and-carved-jade powder-room toilet is owned by only two other people in the world: Oprah and "some king." For such a royal seating, it cost a pretty penny.

Daniel Radcliffe - mattress

If anyone understands that sleep is important, it's the Harry Potter star. He once dropped $17,000 on a mattress.

Thankfully, his success with the Harry Potter franchise doesn't leave him up at night worrying about the cost.

Elton John - $425,000 on flowers

What he was doing with all these flowers, we'll never know, but he did once defend his right to buy them for $425,000 by saying, "Well, I like flowers." Hey, whatever works for him.

Nicholas Cage - a dinosaur skull

The actor has done some pretty weird things throughout his life.

This includes the time he once outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for a $276,000 Mongolian dinosaur skull. But since it turned out to be stolen, he had to give it back.

Justin Bieber - a custom-made gold grill.

While most people spend at least $30 on their Halloween costume, the singer dropped $5,000 on the gold grill for his 2011 Halloween costume. We wonder if he's even worn it since then.

50 Cent - tour bus to Souja Boy

The rapper spent a lot more than 50 cents on the tour bus he gifted Soulja Boy.

He wanted the rapper to be able to record his album, "The DeAndre Way" while on tour. Unfortunately, the album bombed.

Victoria Beckham - a 24k gold-plated iPhone

If there's one thing we know about Apple, it's that they make new phones every year.

And yet, the fashion designer decided to spend $35,998 on a gold-plated iPhone 4 designed by Stuart Hughes.

Kim Kardashian - wedding dresses

For the reality star's wedding to Kris Humpries, she had not one, not two, but three wedding dresses.

They were designed by Vera Wang and cost around $25,000 apiece, making her total $75,000.

Kylie Jenner - Fendi stroller

You didn't think Kylie was going to not accessorize her baby in designer gear, did you?

She went all-out in this picture of pushing Stormi in a $12,000 Fenti stroller while she wore a coordinating Fenti dress.