A Couple Built A Replica Of Michael Myers' Home From 'Halloween' To Live In

What's your favorite horror movie?

Hocus Pocus? Paranormal Activity? The Addams Family?

For one North Carolina couple, that answer is undoubtedly Halloween. They took their love for the horror thrasher to a whole new level when they decided to build a replica of Michael Myers' home in the film.

It's just as spooky and incredible as it sounds!

Emily and Kenny Caperton first got the idea to recreate the home in 2008.

As fans of the 1978 John Carpender flick, the couple took a break from house hunting and decided to visit the original Myers House in South Pasadena.

This has been named a historical landmark.

Kenny was struck with inspiration: he knew he wanted to recreate the home.

"We loved the look of the house, not only that it was the Michael Myers house, but it was also the size we were looking for, and we loved the architectural details," he told io9.com.

His now-wife, Emily, knew right away that he wasn't joking.

"She knows when I get an idea, I kind of go completely over the top with it," he said. When he told his parents, they said, "that's absolutely perfect. They were more concerned with their son being inexperienced with building a home.

That fear came true when Kenny called South Pasadena to find blueprints of the house, only to discover there were none.

This led the couple to design the house themselves.

"We really struggled with that, because I wanted to replicate it as closely as possible, but at the same time I had to make it livable, especially if we were going to be living here for our entire lives."

Since the original home had no bathrooms and four small bedrooms upstairs, the couple had to make some changes.

They did so while still honoring many of the house's original features.

For instance, they kept a lot of the Victorian architecture details, as well as identical placement of certain rooms.

This includes Judith's room, certain hallways, and the dining and living room.

The staircase is not as narrow as the original due to building codes.

You'll also see that the exterior of the house, including the front and the sides, is very close to being identical to the original home.

As you can imagine, there's been a lot of fanfare surrounding the house!

The house is open for tours year-round for visitors who make an appointment on the home's website.

Inside, they will find a lot of antiques to represent the era of the original house, as well as horror decor.

Even John Carpenter, the director of the original film, knows about their house!

"I’m not sure what he thought about it!" Kenny said. "But I met him for the first time after we’d been living in the house for about a year or two, and I got him to sign a picture of my house."

Kenny also explained the house to Nick Castle, the guy who plays the Shape in the original 'Halloween,' and he didn’t quite get it either.

"I think it’s so overwhelmingly crazy that people are just like, 'So ... you built it ... and you live there?' It’s like, 'Yeah, it’s a full-scale house!"

Itching to see the house now?!

Kenny says the best time to do so is in October.

This makes sense since Halloween takes place during the month of October on Halloween. It's also a spooky time to check out haunted houses and the like!

This is also the time of year Kenny and his wife host their annual Halloween Bash!

"I told people, jokingly, that one day I'd like to live in the Michael Myers house,' Kenny said. "It never crossed my mind that I would ever actually get to do it!'

How amazing!