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Heroic Rescue Dog Takes Bullet To Save Family’s Daughter And Survives

One rescue dog recently went above and beyond when her family's home was broken into by armed home invaders.

Kei, a crossed rescue dog, wasted no time in leaping to the aid of her best friend and taking a bullet in order to keep her safe. Kei's family are now raising money to pay for her veterinary bills.

The Lamont family adopted Kei just over a year ago, not knowing she would end up helping to save their daughter's life.

The Lamont family adopted Kei from Boksburg SPCA back in 2020. The family were won over by how loving this amazing pooch was, but they had no idea how heroic she also was until the morning of October 3rd 2021.

When the family's home was broken into by armed intruders, Kei proved just how much she loves her family.

"In the early morning hours of the 3rd October, two armed robbers broke into the Lamont home in Lakefield Benoni. The intruders made their way upstairs to where the family were sleeping. One intruder entered the main bedroom where a terrifying shoot out took place, and he was shot dead," wrote Boksburg SPCA in a statement on their Facebook Page.

"The second intruder entered the eldest daughter's bedroom, gun in hand, not knowing that Kei was also on the bed, watching over her best friend."

Kei leapt at the second intruder before he could fully enter the eldest daughter's room, knocking him back.

"Kei recognised danger immediately and flew across the room before the intruder could get through the door, attacking him with a force he wasn't expecting. The intruder retreated back into the hall and down the stairs leaving a trail of blood behind him," the statement continued.

When the intruder was running out of the house, with Kei hot on their heels, the intruder fired back and shot Kei through her nose.

Kei continued to chase the intruder out into the street, at which point she tried to summon help.

Sadly, the bullet that entered her head shattered her jaw, meaning she was unable to bark for help. Therefore, Kei went to the lake, a familiar location for her, to try and find help.

The family frantically began searching for the heroic dog. When they found her lying in the grass by the lake, she was taken to an after-hours vet where she was stabilised and operated upon.

Though the amazingly brave Kei is now stable, she still needs some reconstructive surgery to be performed on her jaw.

Kei's family have started a fundraiser to raise money to help pay for Kei's remaining surgeries, which you can donate to here.

The Lamont family will always be indebted to the amazing Kei.

Boksburg SPCA wrote emphatically in their statement, "This is a beautiful example of how an unwanted, cross breed, SPCA animal can go from 'zero to hero'."

Here's hoping that Kei makes a full recovery so that she can get back to spending time with her loving family.

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