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A Bride Fired Her Sister's Four-Year-Old As A Flower Girl Due To 'Poor Performance'

When it comes to weddings, sometimes, people can turn into serious Bridezillas. From wanting things to be absolutely perfect to being extremely particular about the way you want things to go, weddings can be a stressful time for people.

Sometimes, we take things out on those who matter most to us, and it's not always super fair to do so.

A Reddit user recently shared that she was experiencing problems with her own sister, who was soon to be married.

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The Reddit user shared that she and her sister have always been close, as they are each other's only siblings, but she is the type of person who always has to have everything "perfect."

So, when her sister asked her to be a bridesmaid and her 4-year-old daughter to be the flower girl, she was rather nervous.

Things have already started out rather rocky.

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"Over the last few months, we have had to practice multiple dances, pay for very expensive dresses, and put up with her tantrums. I told her from the start if she was anyway nasty to my child I wouldn’t stand for it she assured me she’d never been nasty towards her 'favourite person in the whole world,'" she said.

Things then took a turn when her husband's little cousin got involved.

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"Well her now husband's little cousin(8?) started coming to dance practice with her mom and my sister started to ask her do little things like show my daughter how to throw the petals. I honestly thought she’d make them both flower girls for a while but when she started to make my daughter sit out and have the little girl do her poem I knew what was gonna happen but prayed I was wrong," she added.

The Reddit user decided to take her sister out for coffee to talk about it.

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"Apparently my four-year-old wasn’t doing everything right and she was afraid she was gonna 'mess up Her version' by saying the wrong thing or not doing the dance right on the day. I told her she doing a pretty good job and everyone was always praising her," she added.

Her sister basically said she didn't want her niece to be the flower girl anymore.

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"I asked her straight up did she think her niece wasn’t good enough to be in her wedding she replied with not as something big as a flower girl but to attend," she added to the Reddit post.

The Reddit user asked how to break the news to her daughter.

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"I asked her how was I gonna break it to my daughter who’s excited about being in the wedding she just told me to figure it out.i told her I’d give her a day to rethink her decision if not we wouldn’t attending not speaking to her ever again than left," she continued.

When the Reddit user finally told her daughter, it broke her heart.

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"Well two days went so I couldn’t put it off any longer I broke the news to my child. Even tho I tried my hardest and sugarcoated it as much as possible the news still broke her heart. She cried herself to sleep (so did I and my husband)," she added.

She began to stop showing up for wedding things.

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"Well after a week when I was a no show for anything my sister started to panic and started to get every to talk to me even drop off gifts for my daughter. When I told them why a good number of our family including bridesmaids dropped out," she added.

She asked Reddit if she was "wrong" for refusing to speak to her sister about this.

Many said that the Reddit user's sister sounds totally awful.

"Your sister asked a 4 year old.. a 4 year old.. Then expected perfection. It's laughable. Yes it's her wedding but to ask a 4 year old to be a flower girl and go through everything when in the end she's shocked a 4 year old doesn't live up to her idea of perfection is just a moronic thing," one person said.

Others said that usually they'd side with the bride, but not this time around.

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"Normally I would side with the bride since it’s her wedding but in this case she should have never asked your child to participate if she was just going to turn around and crush her spirit. I can’t imagine doing that to my 4 year old niece," another added.

Everyone else said to above all, always protect your kids.

"You gotta protect you kid plain and simple. I could understand if she was having behavioral issues but kicking her out just because a 4yo wasnt able to do all the dances or whatever correct is crazy. A 4YO!! Other than throwing rose petals and walking, what else is there to do? I didnt even know that flower girls had a dance in weddings," said another.

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