Quotes About Children That Remind Me How Much They Make Me Laugh

Kids say the darndest things sometimes. No matter how much we think that they are duds sometimes—even our own kids—they surprise us with some insightful and hilarious jokes. They come out of the blue with some wise comments that we can't help but laugh at.

Here are some of our favorite kid's quotes from this week that make us laugh and laugh.

Thanks, hunny.

Just trying to love on my kid a little bit, but, instead of loving me back, they have to insult me and tell me that I have coleslaw breath. Thanks, honey, I love you, too.

Fart peas, my favorite.

Kids make up their own names for food and sometimes, they are things that we want to adopt and continue to use for the rest of our lives. Beans in burritos? Not beans, they're fart peas.

Too wise for their age.

Some kids are pretty damn smart when it comes to making up excuses for themselves. Eating all the cookies in the pantry? Definitely not the 5-year-old, definitely ninjas that you never, ever see.

Thanks for looking out for me.

Kids can be sweet. They can be when they want to be. This kid loves his mom so much, but, doesn't want her heart to be "separated," so he made sure to let her know he does love her, but he doesn't like her.