Decorator Shares 'Lazy' DIY Tips For Renters On TikTok

Renters know the pain of seeing cool DIYs that they can't do better than anyone.

It's not that we don't have the skill — we simply can't change our surroundings. Or can we? According to TikTok user and DIYer @beingtheblooms, you can totally transform your rental space and still get your security deposit back when you're done.

So, how does that work? Let's find out.

Meet Stefanie.

She's a self-proclaimed "lazy DIYer" from Arizona, and I am obsessed with her. She's the queen of creating renter-friendly DIYs that are as stunning as they are cheap.

For example:

Recently, she decided she wanted to create a feature wall area. She picked up some contact paper and put it on the wall, then picked up some boards for $4 each — and a can of spray paint, of course.

She used double-sided tape to adhere them to the wall.

She spaced them apart and then lined them up with her baseboards. After she had everything stuck down, she added a $10 wooden ledge to complete the project!

Since she used the contact paper as her base, there's nothing actually stuck to the wall. Nice.

So, what's the key to the peel-and-stick contact paper, anyway?

We all know all contact paper isn't created equal. Stefanie is super picky about her peel-and-stick wallpaper, but the real secret is wall texture: You can't use peel-and-stick on flat, matte walls that landlords favor. You need a bit of texture.

She has some great storage hacks, too!

She picked up some command hooks — a renter's best friend — and sanded them down to spray paint them black. Matte black hardware is VERY in right now, y'all!

She mounted two hooks to the wall vertically.

She then took two baskets that she picked up for $20 and hung them from the hooks. Boom, and instant grab and go kids station!

Also, peep the previous DIY next to this one. It looks great!

She says furniture is key to a renter's decorating style.

"We want to prioritize the furniture being the foundation of the room," she told _Insider. "Don't be scared to purchase a furniture item that's going to extend past your apartment life."

Basically, don't be afraid to buy something other than an Ikea table — get something that will last, and is unique!

She even has a solution for those awful landlord boob lights.

We all know they look like a boob, let's be real.

"They make what they call a flush mount converter kit. The shade is going to use the exact same hardware that's already on the the boob light."

The best part? No drilling, and no rewiring!

If you have ugly tension rod curtains, this hack is for you.

Renter blinds are the WORST, and sometimes you don't have the option to install real curtain rods. If your only choice is to use a tension rod for your cloth curtains, never fear! You can make them look less ugly with this hack.

This trick makes the curtains look SO much better.

Simply cut some foam boards down to size, tape or glue them together, and then cover them with contact paper. Put a hole on each end to accommodate a command hook, and boom! Instant valance.

What do you think of lazy DIYs?

Unsplash | Jasmin Schreiber

I'm a huge fan of lazy DIYs for renters! I've done a lot of these tricks with great success, and they're super easy to do. If you're a renter, try them out and let me know how they go!