People Share The Commonly Accepted Things That Totally Gross Them Out

We all have that one particularly unpopular opinion that we hold very close to our hearts. Either we think it makes us a little better than everyone else (you can admit it, it's okay), or you don't want to face the judgement you know you'll receive, we don't tend to voice them too often.

Thankfully, a post on Reddit got people to voice them for us, asking for the one disgusting thing people hate that everyone else seems to like.

Oil on oil.

Unsplash | Wine Dharma

"Deep fried butter and deep fried mayonnaise. It sounds so gross but everyone seems to eat it at state fairs or amusement parks."

I had honestly never heard of deep-fried mayonnaise before this. I didn't think it got worse than deep-fried butter, but here we are!

Covering up.

Pexels | thevibrantmachine

"Febreze / air fresheners."

Many people replied to this one in agreement saying the artificial scents they use just make bad-smelling items smell worse. Some people within the replies really advocated for the scentless versions of these products, though!

Messy birthday celebrations.

Unsplash | Richard Burlton

"People who slam their friend's faces into birthday cakes. Just stop."

Not only does it ruin a perfectly good cake, but it probably puts a serious damper on your friend's mood! No one wants to spend their birthday cleaning icing out of their eyes.

Taking privacy away.

Unsplash | Joshua Hoehne

"[...] parents creating Facebook profiles in the name of their children, and that children are like... 3 years old, or less."

Another user elaborated on this idea, "I'd like to add family vloggers to this, anyone willing to monetise [sic] their children through the invasive filming of their lives is absolutely disgusting."

Too close for comfort.

Unsplash | Chris Slupski

"Kissing dogs on their mouth, or dogs licking [their] mouth."

I'm a dog person all the way, but I absolutely agree with this. This also goes for people who share the same piece of food with their dog. Just tear off a piece and hand it to them!

Popping off.

Pexels | Anna Nekrashevich

"Zit, cyst etc. popping videos."

The way these got so popular will always baffle me! I tried watching a few and got immediately nauseous, never again. If you enjoy them and find them satisfying, I'm so happy for you, but please never show them to me!

All downhill.

Pexels | Horizon Content

"Those social media videos of food being made with so much heavy and greasy [expletive]! You know, the type where it's a whole burger, cooked into a quesadilla with a pound of cheese, then fried and covered in three different sauces."

They always start normal too, tricking you into thinking it'll be good!

Costly conspiracy.


"Truffles. The smell makes my stomach turn. I feel like there has to be some kind of bizarre conspiracy or truffle gatherer lobby or something for them to be so expensive."

Can I share a secret? I still don't get what a truffle actually is. It's a type of mushroom, right? Why is it more special than regular mushrooms?

Other peoples' pain.

Unsplash | Mr.Autthaporn Pradidpong

"Watching shows where people are pranked or hurt doing stupid stuff. It's like laughing at people being embarrassed is funny? Idk I just don't get it and will never understand how [it's] funny."

Lots to consider.

Pexels | Anete Lusina

"Well, I know I can't be the only one that finds them disgusting, but long fake nails. Unless you have a serious case of hand-washing OCD, there is no way that can be hygienic."

I've actually come to admire those with incredibly long acrylic nails. I've watched videos about how they navigate things, it's really impressive!

Laying it on thick.

Unsplash | Sam Moqadam

"Lip injections. You look like a clown. I don't get it."

This comment sparked other people sharing the body modifications people use that they don't like, including false lashes, heavy eyeliner, and the excessive use of botox in general.

Special sounds.

Pexels | Karolina Grabowska


Another user provided their view on the ASMR phenomenon: "I'm convinced that this is something you either get the desired response to, or you don't. No in-between. Even if you do, though, you gotta find what works for you.

"Be that literally just the quiet sound of someone writing with a ballpoint pen, typing on a keyboard, or more intense stuff like eating and mouth sounds. I prefer the former."

No suggestions allowed.

Unsplash | Yukiko Kanada

"Oysters. They're just like snot. And before you say you've gotta try oysters kilpatrick - adding bacon and sauce will make anything taste good."

This person shut people down before they could even refute it, respect. That didn't stop people from recommending their own methods of preparing oysters, though.

An acquired taste.

Unsplash | Johann Trasch

"Whiskey. I have so many friends who love it, but the moment it touches my tongue I gag immediately, regardless of how expensive it is."

Another commenter replied, "I, and I suspect most people, forced myself to drink it and one day something clicked and now I love it. It’s weird."

The most classic of classics.

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

"Ketchup. I just don’t understand."

This is one I stand in defiance of. You're allowed to not like a condiment, but I will stand by ketchup until my dying days. It's perfect on so many things; I'll always have a bottle in my fridge!

Not cute enough.


"Pictures with babies being gross, like with spaghetti all over their faces and that sort of thing. I do not get the appeal and doubt I ever will."

I totally agree. No baby looks cute when it's covered in food, they just looks dirty!

Love over time.


"Avocados. I’m convinced everyone is in on one big joke about them being amazing. There’s no way, it tastes like mush, there’s nothing to it."

This is one I used to agree with until I actually learned how to season them, now they're great!

Simple pleasures.

Unsplash | iStrfry , Marcus

"Drooling over a nice car. Maybe I'm just boring but as long as my car can get me from A to B, there's not much else I care about. I don't have a dream car or gasp like others do when a fancy car drives by. They all kinda look the same to me haha."

The fuel of the nation.

Pexels | Marta Dzedyshko


This one was extremely controversial, but other coffee haters felt safe sharing what they disliked about it. Funnily enough, most people said they hate the smell the most, which is interesting considering coffee is famous for tasting super bitter!

This one seems personal.

Pexels | Anna Shvets

"One of my work colleagues. He's the biggest [expletive] and poser ever but except me everyone seems to like him."

Another user voiced their perspective on the same issue, "I’ve always wondered if everyone else also secretly hates those people. Because I’m professional at work, no one knows I hate her, so maybe they’re all doing the same thing?"

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