10+ Unpopular Opinions That Will Certainly Divide People

One of the best things about the human race is that we're all different.

We have different tastes in music, food, and hobbies. In other words, uniqueness is originality. Without it, the world would be pretty boring.

But some opinions can be a little too out there sometimes.

Enter: these 10+ unpopular opinions that will certainly divide people!

Some submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

"I would never date a guy who is subscribed to an OnlyFans."

Unsplash | Priscilla Du Preez

While this person doesn't have a problem with adult entertainment as a whole, they do have an issue with their partner paying money to get nudes from one specific girl.

"After the death of a pet, you should be given vacation from work to grieve your loss, as with any family member that passes away."

The truth is, pets are family. Going to work right after their death is just cruel.

"Posting pictures holding your dying grandparents hand is trashy."

"You know good and damn well the person won’t see it and probably won’t even appreciate the gesture. You’re just posting it for attention. Not everything that happens needs to be posted on the internet for the world to [expletive] see." - Redditor u/carputt

"I shouldn’t have to tip-toe around other people's traumas. Find a way to deal with your own [expletive] and stop causing problems for others."

This person isn't a fan of walking around eggshells to avoid "triggering" someone's trauma.

"No, it is NOT ok for random strangers or even co-workers to ask to touch my pregnant wife's belly."


"It's not 'neat.' It's not the 'miracle of life in the palm of your hand.' It's awkward AF and all you're doing is making her uncomfortable or even nauseous." - Redditor u/WablamoShizami1

"Cyclists are annoying, dangerous, and should not be allowed to share roads with cars."

If you're a driver, you might have noticed that many bicyclists drive in the middle of the road like they're cars and yet, they don't stop at stop signs.

"Meatballs in a sub should be chopped up."


"Every time I order a meat ball sub I struggle to get a good bite of the meat ball with out pushing it deeper into the sub or inhaling a whole ball accidentally." - Redditor u/LilAllen12

"Making your kids pay rent once they turn 18 is a [expletive] move."

Unsplash | Michal Balog

This person believes that doing so sends the message to your kids that they aren't welcome and that your ties are more conditional than family blood.

"Expensive clothes are garbage."


"Honestly it’s just a stupid shirt with a logo it’s the same as everything else there is no point in getting supreme because all you have to do is sew on a logo saying supreme and there u have its a $5000 shirt bought for 20 bucks and a stringed up logo." - Redditor u/Squ_idiot

"Watered down mayo is better than milk in a hot chocolate drink."

Um... what? Since mayo has a high-fat content, they said that the savory taste of mayo pairs perfectly with sweet hot chocolate. Disgusting or you'd try it?

"As a man, getting with taller women is dope."


"Most men avoid women taller than them. We tend to be programmed to go for shorter women so we can feel I guess more dominant, but I recently started hooking up with a taller woman and it's awesome." - Redditor u/treeclimberdood

"A lot of men get a bad rap for being selfish lovers, but many women aren't great either."


That's a pretty strong opinion! They believe that a lot of women aren't attentive in bed and can be awkward by lacking awareness. Yikes!

"Pasta is NOT noodles."

"Pasta and Noodles are not interchangeable. Spaghetti is not a noodle. A single piece of macaroni, penne whatever IS NOT A NOODLE. Noodles are from Asia and are what you use in Ramen, stir fry, etc etc." - Redditor u/BastillianFig

"Being childfree does not mean you automatically have a nice life."

Unsplash | Drew Coffman

"Well guess what not everybody wants to travel and some people prefer spending money on their kids and if you have 3 kids even if you have a really well paying job with your spouse you can still spend 8k on a nice vacation." - Redditor u/Sandym454

"Overly loud vehicles make their drivers look stupid, not cool."

It was cool when you were young: you would put a pop can in your bicycle and it would make a loud sound. But as an adult? Stop acting like a kid.

"If employers want me in the office when I've been able to do my job at home just fine, then they need to provide more than a raise to compensate for drive to the office each day."

Unsplash | XPS

Now that the coronavirus pandemic is winding down, this is a dilemma that will face many workers.

"Lobster is disgusting. Its chewy and virtually tasteless."

"I imagine the slight fishy taste is just smothered by butter and thats why people love it. The whole brutal way its cooked and prepared adds greatly to the unappealing nature of the dish." - Redditor u/InvaderSuzyQ

"I want to grow up to live alone. No husband and no kids. Just a lot of pets."

Unsplash | Alvan Nee

"I love being alone. I am at my happiest when it is just me against the world. I've never wanted children but thinking about being alone is just appealing to me." - Redditor u/Aeviee

"Oatmeal cookies with raisins are better than chocolate chip cookies."

Unsplash | Anshu A

"They are always soft and chewy and not too sweet. Meanwhile — 80% of the time — the chocolate chip is hard and way too sweet." - Redditor u/SirMcsquizy

The Rolling Stones (not The Beatles) are the greatest Rock n' Roll band of all-time.

Not only are The Stones better musicians and songwriters, but their career has also spanned more than five decades.

Give me "Beggar's Banquet" over "Rubber Soul" any day of the week.

In a battle between Batman Vs. Superman, Batman will always come out on top.

Legendary writer Jeph Loeb said that the main difference between Superman and Batman is that deep down, Superman is essentially a good person. Whereas Batman, deep down — is not.

Superman's inherent good nature makes him predictable; he will always leap before looking. Batman knows this and will exploit it every time.

LeBron James is the G.O.A.T.

LeBron has scored more points in his career than MJ. He has more blocks, assists, and rebounds. King James also has Michael beat in FG% as well as 3-point shooting.

Why are we even debating at this point?

"Putting together IKEA furniture is calm and relaxing."

At least that's how Redditor shikey_vice feels on the subject.

I'll be sure to give them a call the next time I'm trying to put together a chest of drawers with nothing but a flimsy Allen key and an undying sense of will.

*Parks And Recreation* is actually a much better show than *The Office*.


I'm not saying that both series aren't great — because they are. But if you sit down for a truly unbiased comparison of the two, Parks and Recreation will always come out on top.

"I always eat dessert before dinner at a restaurant."

Unsplash | Joyful

People are so distraught about the thought of their dessert spoiling their dinner.

Why is it that hardly anyone ever stops to think that their dinner could in fact be spoiling their dessert?

A side of jam with grilled cheese tastes better than ketchup.

I know this probably sounds disgusting at first glance, but you seriously have to try it. Several kinds of cheese, like brie, for instance — are often served with a side of jam.

It just makes sense at the end of the day.

"'It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia' is a much better show than 'Friends' and 'Seinfeld' ever were!"


This is a big statement, I understand that, but controversial as it may be — I'm inclined to agree with Reddit user Astradiem.

In fact, I'd go as far as to say that It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia may just be the most criminally underrated sitcom in the history of television.

Netflix is a waste of money.

Unsplash | Mollie Sivaram

"90% of anything that you would watch you've seen. 3% is stuff you have never heard of and doesn't look good. 7% is Netflix made stuff that you've heard about but don't care to watch and or you've never heard of cause they advertise to ever see a trailer." - Redditor u/kc3x.

"The person who sits in the middle seat on an airplane is entitled to *both* arm rests. Full stop."

I'm going to have to agree with Roopey_Scoobie on this one.

The person sitting in the window seat gets to lean against the plane, the person on the aisle has infinitely more legroom — it's really only fair that the middle person has the armrests.

Reheating tea or coffee in the microwave is a completely normal thing to do.

Unsplash | Devin Avery

It may not be the ideal way to enjoy a cup of joe, but it's far better than pouring a full mug of undrunken coffee down the drain.

Plus, the taste remains largely unchanged...for the most part.

"Kids should be allowed to use profanity at school and adults should be allowed to use it at work."

Doesn't it seem a little silly that in 2021, our society still deems certain words to be taboo or "curse words"?

Can we just admit to ourselves that perpetuating this idea is plain ridiculous?

"Air fryers are one of the best inventions of the 21st century!"

Unsplash | Jimmy Dean

I recently bought an air fryer and attempted to make fried chicken.

Not only did all the breading burn and fall off, but it took more than 30 minutes to scrub and clean the machine after use. I learned one incredibly valuable lesson that day: never again.

International pop sensation BTS isn't worth the hype.

According to Reddit user aznmelon17,

"I'm studying Korean right now, and 95% of the comments under educational videos are all about people learning Korean for BTS. They call themselves "BTS army" or something like that."

Melted ice cream tastes way better.

Unsplash | Lama Roscu

Reddit user thekwguy claims to love melted ice cream so much, that they'll sometimes even put it in the microwave in order to soften it up.

The thought of which makes me gag, but hey — to each their own.

"The best way to eat a slice of pizza is rolled up, crust first."

If I'm being honest, I've never actually tried to eat a slice of pizza in this fashion. It sounds incredibly Scooby-Doo, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's a bad thing.

What's your favorite unpopular opinion? Leave a comment and let us know!