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Vinessa Shaw ‘Would Love’ To Return To ‘Hocus Pocus’ For Sequel On Disney+

Fans of the 1993 classic film Hocus Pocus have been elated with the news that there will be a long-awaited sequel arriving on Disney+ some time in the future.

It was not only fans of the film who were surprised by the prospect of a sequel, the stars of the original were also shocked to find out that the film would be getting a follow-up. However, not all of the original cast may be making a reappearance.

Vinessa Shaw, who played Allison in the original film, recently spoke about her time filming the original.

Shaw explained that she would "love" to be given the chance to return to the Hocus Pocus franchise.

Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Kathy Najimy have already confirmed their involvement with the sequel, presumably reprising their roles as the original's infamous witch trio — it'd be pretty weird if they weren't, right?

Shaw expressed her disappointment at not having heard about a role in the sequel as of yet.

Walt Disney Pictures via IMDb

"I haven't heard anything [...] it's so disappointing. I would love to do the sequel. It would be so much fun," Shaw told Entertainment Tonight.

"I think there's just a different storyline with younger people, but why can't we all come back in some way?" she continued.

For Shaw, the experience of filming the first film was "[one of] my favorite projects I've worked on."

In her interview, Shaw also took time to explain where she felt that Allison would have ended up — and how she could potentially show up in the sequel:

"I feel like she and Max (Omri Katz) are still together but I think Allison's from Salem and he always wants to be in California. I think they did some sort of compromise and maybe she's in Salem when the witches come back, you know, visiting her mom or something."

Filming for the sequel was to start this fall, according to reports.

Bette Midler has not been vague about her keenness to return to the film, as she told People Magazine back in 2020:

"They presented us with an outline, and after we picked ourselves up off the floor, because it's been 27 years, we looked at it and I think all of us agreed that it was pretty great."

Hopefully it will live up to the standard set by the original.

While it is hard to imagine the sequel managing to capture the same energy as the first, there have been some good long-awaited sequels in recent years. I mean, Blade Runner 2049 was bloody fantastic, even if it wasn't a commercial hit.

Although, is there anything further from Hocus Pocus than Blade Runner? Let's just forget I made that comparison and move on with our lives, okay?!

h/t: Entertainment Tonight