Woman Who Hasn't Cut Her Hair In Over 20 Years Looks Like A Real-Life Princess

Have you ever dreamt of growing long, flowing hair like Rapunzel?

Well, one Russian woman decided to do exactly that. Angelica Baranova is 28 and has never done a big chop on her hair.

As a result, she has hair that would rival even Rapunzel's! Let's check out that long, beautiful hair, shall we?

Meet Angelica.

She's a real-life Rapunzel!

At 28, Angelica has hair right down to her ankles. She's never cut it properly, instead opting to merely trim the ends when they split.

The trims are usually pretty mild.

This before and after shows what an eight-centimeter cut looks like on her! It's just enough to keep the ends from getting too split or dried out. Small trims like that allow her hair to grow out healthy and strong.

Combing it definitely takes a while.

She refers to it as an art, which I totally agree with. It's not like she can start from the top and go all the way to the bottom like the rest of us! Instead, she brushes in sections.

She uses hair masks to keep it healthy.

"A mask with honey, cinnamon and coconut oil is suitable for my hair," she wrote on Instagram. She also noted that a good diet is key to keeping her hair looking shiny.

She also washes her hair regularly.

She said she washes it about three times a week, which allows her natural oils to keep her scalp healthy. Angelica also gives herself regular scalp massages, since all that weight takes a toll!

She doesn't use heat on her hair at all.

And for good reason — heat damages your hair, and she sure has a lot of hair to damage! Instead, she allows the hair to air dry after she washes it, and doesn't curl it at all.

She follows three strict rules for her hair's care:

  1. Comb hair before washing it.
  2. Only wash the scalp and ends — allow the rest of the hair to take care of itself.
  3. Let the hair dry naturally.

She doesn't always wear it down, however!

Angelica has her hair braided a majority of the time. It helps keep the hair safe from damage, and actually lets her live her life without, you know, stepping on her own hair!

So, what do you think?

Would you ever want to grow your hair out like Angelica?

Personally, I've had hair down to my waist before, and it was way too much work!