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Tweets About Spirit Halloween That Prove It's The Best Part Of Spooky Season

You know the Halloween season is officially here when a Spirit Halloween store rolls into town.

Born in the ashes of abandoned department stores, these short-lived icons of Halloween burn brightly from August to November, then disappear into the night like phoenixes — only to return the next year in a new location.

People love the insanity of Spirit Halloween, especially people on Twitter. Let's check out some of the best tweets about it, shall we?

We wait all year for this ish.

When I tell you Halloween is my favorite holiday, I am not joking. I love it more than every other holiday, including Christmas. And for me, Halloween lasts from mid-August to 11:59 on October 31st.

So true bestie.

YESSS. My most recent Spirit Halloween trip netted me some Hocus Pocus window decals and a list of Haunted Mansion-themed decor that I want. It's SPOOKY SZN, Y'ALL!

It's true tho.

I love the chaotic nature of Spirit Halloween. Every year, one pops up in a new location. It's like a fun little challenge to guess which failed big box retailer will be the next home to Spirit Halloween.

Girls absolutely want this.

If anyone wants girls, offer to take them on a date to Spirit Halloween. That's a guaranteed "yes" and a guaranteed good time, people. I am the best at giving out dating advice.

I need someone to do this to me, thank you.

Please honor my love of Halloween by turning it into a Spirit Halloween. Use me as a prop in the store Norma Bates style. I don't care how, but make it happen.

This is just a banger tweet, tbh.

During the great Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp crash, memes flowed like fine wine. However, this was my favorite one of the day. Goodbye, Facebook. Goodbye, Zuckerberg. Welcome, Spirit Halloween and your life-sized Michael Meyers displays. We've been waiting.

I would argue they put up another paradise.

My idea of paradise is a beach, warm weather, and a Spirit Halloween across the street. I just love Halloween a lot, okay? Don't worry about it.

Shoutout to my girl Tig Notaro for this one.

If you haven't seen Tig in Star Trek: Discovery, what are you doing with your life? Go watch it right now. Wait — finish reading this first, then go watch it. Thank you.


When I was a kid, I wanted a VW Bug. So needless to say, this is absolutely my dream car. I'm gonna pull my craft machine out and put pumpin decals on my car, brb.

Any ideas?

I'm going to say a day or two. They gotta work fast once they have their latest location scouted out, after all. October only lasts for so long.

With apologies to Mariah Carey.

Is this wrong, though? IS IT?

Idk, but I think it's absolutely hysterical. Mariah Carey has life figured out, y'all. She works 2 months a year* and makes millions. Her brain is so huge.

*Figure not accurate in any way, shape, or form.

It's brutal out here.

It's funny, because my bank account is actually the perfect place for a Spirit Halloween to move into after I visit any Spirit Halloween store. My money is theirs forever and always.

It be like that sometimes.

Spirit Halloween would set up shop in the abyss to make a quick buck. They'd probably make merch of the limited edition Spirit Halloween Abyss and sell it for $20 a keychain.


You know what's better than Christmas? Spooky Christmas. Santa could stand to have a spooky friend, right?

Okay, maybe not. Sorry to all the Christmas lovers out there.


I wish all abandoned things would become Spirit Halloweens, tbh. But year round, you know? Turn an old Toys 'R Us into a Spirit Halloween in March. I'm not picky here.