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We've Been Cutting Pumpkins Wrong, And I No Longer Know What I Don't Know

How do you cut a jack-o-lantern? As far as I know, the whole world cuts a big hole in the top so they can scoop out the pumpkin guts, then it's time to struggle your way through cutting out the eyes and mouth.

A TikToker has thrown things into chaos by introducing a superior alternative method, and my mind is absolutely blown.

TikToker Lindsay Roggenbuck has hacks for days.

You can check out her TikTok profile, which is wall-to-wall hacks of every description.

I'll be honest: in my opinion, many of them are hacks for the sake of being hacks. But her pumpkin hack is on another level.

If you're currently carving a pumpkin, stop right now.

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You're probably trying to saw your way in from the top, aren't you? If this sounds like you, put the knife down for a moment. You're about to learn a newer, better way.

Take everything you know about pumpkin carving, then turn it upside down.

Sure, the top of the pumpkin is an easy point of entry: it's the first bit you see, and it comes with a convenient stalk for lifting off the top. But Linsday suggests going in through the bottom.

The carving process is pretty much the same.

Apart from the absence of the pumpkin stalk, there's really no difference in the carving portion of this method. Of course, like any jack-o-lantern carving, the difficulty will depend on how thick the pumpkin is.

Time to scoop out those guts.

Since pumpkins are usually stored upright, this means the goo and the seeds congregate in the bottom. If you cut out the bottom, that means much of the stuff you'll need to scoop out is already close at hand and easier to remove.

Why do it this way?

Apart from the ease of pumpkin gut removal, there are a few other advantages: this method helps keep the pumpkin from drying out, it makes it easier to place a light inside, and it makes it much harder to see where the pumpkin was cut.

How have I never thought of this?

It's a very simple hack. It doesn't require additional tools or even much change to the traditional methods. It's just an alternative, better way of doing something that we do every Halloween. Needless to say, minds are blown.

Check out the full vid.

You can check out Lindsay's video below, but you barely need to — her method is so simple that it can be summed up very simply: go through the bottom rather than the top.

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