Unsplash | Łukasz Nieścioruk

Apparently, The Rest Of The World Is Confused By Our Love For Halloween

So, it turns out that not everyone goes as hard for Halloween as those of us in North America.

First of all, that is so sad. Halloween is the BEST time of year – better than Christmas to some, in fact.

Second of all, this means people are absolutely baffled by how we do Halloween here. From trick-or-treating to Halloween cards, people outside of North America are expressing shock, awe, and surprise at the weird stuff we do to celebrate the spookiest holiday.

No, really: people don't understand how real Halloween is.

Of course, movies make it look a bit more magical, but on the whole Halloween is one of the few things movies portray pretty accurately. You dress up, you go out, you get your free candy, and you have a great time!

My UK brethren, I am so sorry.

I actually heard this exact sentiment from someone yesterday. I was in a Spirit Halloween (no I am not joking) and overheard someone commenting how boring Halloween was when she was in the UK.

Speaking of Spirit Halloween:

I LOVE seeing people discover what a Spirit Halloween is. The idea of a store just popping up in the wreckage of another store's failure, filling that space with Halloween stuff, and then disappearing as soon as November 1st comes is hysterical. I love you, Spirit Halloween.

Idk, sounds right to me.

I know Halloween has a deep rooted history in multiple countries and cultures, but listen up: this is also a valid interpretation of Halloween. I'm going to teach my kids this, right after I explain Samhain to them.

Spirit Halloween is our king.

The costumes are low quality, over priced, and often plastic. And we love them for that, okay? We know how ridiculous a Spirit Halloween is, but that dumb store brings us so much joy.

Do you NOT?

I get a Halloween card from my mom every single year. She signs it from my parents and each of our pets. IS THIS NOT NORMAL? I FEEL THIS IS NORMAL. Let me know.

It's honestly just sugar.

The great candy corn debate will outlast us all, let's be real. I'm firmly on team candy corn — it's just sugar in the shape of a triangle, and I'm down with that.

Costumes, duh.

Not only do we spend money on our costumes, we gotta go all out decorating! We need cobwebs, at least 3 skulls, decorative bowls, spooky glassware, and life-size lawn ornaments. Halloween is SERIOUS, people!

Because raisins are not candy.

I ALWAYS got a box of raisins in my trick-or-treat bag. And while I didn't mind it too much, I did feel totally scammed out of some real candy.

I do this out of revenge.

First of all, Halloween starts in September, so jot that down.

Second of all: I genuinely think people celebrate Halloween all month long because it's fun! And because Christmas starts on November 1st these days, so we may as well have fun with the spooky holiday.

We send them to Goodwill, of course.

Hey, while I'm here: we should thrift more for costumes! And reuse ones we have! Not to be a bummer, but fast fashion is super bad for the environment. Okay, back to the partying.

Hey. That's NORTH Americans to you.

Canadians also love Halloween, and I am 100% sure it's in our genetics. That, and the ability to track a hockey puck across the ice while watching a hockey game.

No, tbh.

I figured Halloween was more universal than it is! I hope other people embrace Halloween if they want to celebrate it, because it's such a fun holiday.

Some people do this.

I've definitely done this. I think it depends on what bowl you put out and whether or not the kids in your neighborhood understand the honor system, you know?

This Grinch attitude is so not cool.

There's no such thing as taking Halloween to seriously. Can you have TOO much fun? Too many decorations? Too much candy? (Yes, actually.)

Anyway, I think it's great to see people throw themselves into something they love. Take it seriously! Life is short, as Halloween reminds us every year.