The Newest Food Trend Is Here: Hot Cheeto Salad

TikTok is a place where people love to share some unconventional hacks, tips, tricks, and food videos. When it comes to food, we're all for trying some new stuff. From how to cook and heat up our favorite foods, to combinations of flavors, we'll try just about anything—but, sometimes, we need to stop with the crazy food trends and combos.

Today, kids are obsessed with spicy foods.

From Takis to Doritos and Cheetos, kids are obsessed with spicy, firey, flavored snacks. We see them in all the vending machines, schools, and even all over social media. Hell, we've even seen people dressing up as them for Halloween!

We, too, love a good spicy snack every now and then.

While we may not be as "obsessed" as Gen-Z is with these snacks, every once in a while we'll curl up on the couch with a bag of chips, we're not eating them 24/7 and all hours of the day. And, we don't need them in our meals.

But, it seems that Gen-Z is out here making combos of food we never needed.

Unsplash | Alexander Shatov

From Nutella on spaghetti and putting tuna in the microwave, Gen-Z has been sharing some wild food hacks and tips on the Internet via TikTok. And, on top of it, they're getting so many views on the videos, too.

TikTok user Ruth shared her "Hot Cheeto Salad" that has gone viral.

Two things that definitely don't seem like they go together—hot Cheetos and salad. However, if we were going to picture what it would be like to have a hot Cheetos salad, it would be maybe using the Cheetos as croutons.

However, it was way more than that.

First, Ruth fills up an entire bowl full of flaming hot Cheetos. I mean, not just a little bit, but a whole bowl. And, there's not any lettuce in here so at first, I was a bit confused as to how this is a true salad.

Then, she adds a whole pile of cilantro.

Cilantro is, to me, the grossest thing in the world. But, to others, it's a must-have. If you're someone who thinks cilantro tastes good and not like soap, this may be the recipe for you.

Next, she finally adds a veggie.

Cucumbers are added to this mix to make it a somewhat healthy snack and salad. At first, I thought we were going to be out here eating a bowl of flaming hot Cheetos and pretending it was a salad, phew!

To spice things up, grab some hot sauce.

If the flaming hot Cheetos weren't spicy enough for you already, you can top this off with hot sauce. But, Ruth says it "has to be Tapatío." So, you're going to have to run out and grab yourself a bottle.

Finally, squeeze some lemon juice on top.

What's the best thing to do when something is too spicy? Get a little acid in there and ease it. Lemon juice makes this feel like a salad with some dressing, so why not top it off like that?

Apparently, it's a bomb salad.

TikTok users who decided to go balls to the wall and try it—well, they said it's amazing. It's not really a salad, despite how much 4.5 million viewers believe, but, if it's good—it's a good snack.

However, many pointed out the obvious.

Look, eating too much spicy food altogether makes some of us hit the toilet bowl rather hard. So, as many commenters said, this is not for the faint of heart...or stomach. If you're someone with a sensitive belly, avoid it!