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People Struggle To Tell If Nails Made From Actual Pumpkins Are Cute Or Gross

With halloween just around the corner, people across the world are busy finding ways to be as crafty as possible this halloween and really stand out from the crowd.

For one nail artist on TikTok this involved crafting elaborate nails from actual pumpkins, in a move which has the internet a little divided.

TikToker "ilysmnails" starts her bizarre new nails by attaching a substantial chunk of pumpkin to her nail.

TikToker ilysmnails has over 6.7 million followers and frequently posts amazingly innovative nail designs. Recently, she even shared a video making nails out of peanut butter.

However, with halloween on the horizon, pumpkin is the latest food stuff that she has been crafting nails from.

Once attached, she then drills a smiley face into the wedge of pumpkin.

Once the little face has been drilled in, she then covers the area in clear gel polish.

Fortunately, the nails do not stay this substantial for long!

She then cuts the pumpkin wedge down to a manageable size and buffs it down.

As shown below, the end product is much more impressive, and stylish, than the initial image suggests it will be.

Some were shocked by the transformation, with one person writing, "You do realise you pretty much just won Hallowe'en glam, right?"

With a light shone through, they even look as though they have a little candle inside.

Some were a little concerned about the idea of their nails rotting, with people writing the likes of:

"Looks unique! However I'm just wondering how long before it rots?"

"All fun and games until it starts rotting in two hours."

Has this got you tempted to start adding some pumpkin to your seasonal nails?

I think that you would be able to get a fair but of use out of them before they started to really go rotten. Although, that might not be a risk that some people want to take!

Let us know whether you think that these are something you might have a go at in the comments.