Someone Bragged Online About Serving A Vegan A Real Meat Burger But It Didn't Go Her Way

When you work in the food industry, there are a lot of ups and downs. Many times, customers can be rather cruel and mean to servers and kitchen staff. They can be impatient and often times just rude. However, when you do work in the customer service industry regarding food, people trust you with their meals and you shouldn't mess with that at all.

There are many "rumors" that when you are rude to wait staff, they mess with your food.

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Due to movies like Waiting and bad stories of servers and kitchen staff, many are worried that when you are rude to servers in restaurants, they will mess with your food and beverages. Some say that people will spit in your food, others say they will put things in it.

The last thing you think about, however, is someone going against your dietary restrictions.

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If you are someone who has a diet that is specific, like being a vegan, vegetarian, or even have food allergies, you never expect that people will change your order and go against what you can and cannot eat.

However, one person online recently began bragging about doing just this.


One woman on Twitter said that her dad gave a vegan a hamburger, pretending that it was a veggie burger. And, the unknowing recipient said it was the "best veggie burger she ever had."

While the Twitter user was looking for praise, it backfired.


One person commented on the tweet saying that her dad is wrong and anyone else who thinks it's funny is also wrong. It's a violation of people's morals and principles. In addition, she could have an allergy or even be vegan for religious reasons, too.

The post was reshared recently, too, on Reddit, and people jumped in to comment.

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"These people are terrible humans and obviously have zero respect for others around them. It isn't difficult at all to accommodate or be considerate of others' dietary needs. Especially for a single meal," said Reddit user WhatEnglish90.

Another person said you could get sued for doing this.

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"As someone who works in food service, that's quite possibly one of the dumbest, most immoral things you can do. You actually could get sued for this, and I guarantee you if they had been a vegan for more than a year or two they knew it wasn't vegan within a few hours when their stomach started hurting," said user AlexKorobeiniki.

Some Reddit users shared that it actually is against the law.

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Many Reddit users commented that tampering with people's food is actually considered a felony in the United States. In New York, tampering with food is a class E felony and if caught and prosecuted, you could go to prison for up to four years.

Many said it should be an assault charge, too.

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"Even someone who’s vegan for no particular reason at all would probably have an adverse reaction to eating meat for the first time in a long while. Seriously, this is the equivalent of poisoning someone, and should be treated as assault," shared joanie-bamboni.

One person said there's reasons behind people's diets.

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"There are certain things that, if I eat, will send me to the bathroom within 20 minutes and I’m not going to be able to leave for a few hours. But I don’t want to explain that to every server I come across. So if I ask for something prepared without a certain ingredient, please just do that thing (or let me know it can’t be done because I already have a back-up in mind)," shared user lobsteristrash.

Many shared the problems they've even experienced.

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"The amount of times places have lied to me about things containing onion is disgusting. Ordered a burger, specified no onions of any sort. Asked before I ordered if there were onions in the patty and got told no multiple times. Ate it, huge chunks of onion in the patty. Spent hours vomiting," said user SadieSadieSnakeyLady.

Overall, if someone tells you they have dietary restrictions, honor it.

Regardless of how you feel or what your views are, if you decide to work in food service, you should have enough moral values to not mess with people's food. If you do, that means you shouldn't be working with food anymore. Quit. Your. Job.

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