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Microwaved Tuna, Rice, And Ice Cube Is The New Food Trend That I Hate

Social media is jam-packed with cooking hacks, tricks, and tips. Ev

er since TikTok became the most popular place on the planet to share videos of everything single thing people do in their lives, many have been sharing cooking recipes and tricks with people all over the world. But, sometimes, we wish that people would keep their recipes to themselves because...nope.

Emily Mariko is a 29-year-old TikTok user from the Bay Area that shares a lot of cooking videos on her page.

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Emily shares a ton of videos on her page where she showcases the lunches, dinners, and breakfasts she makes step-by-step.

In the videos, she prepares everything and showcases how the food looks from beginning to end. With over 2 million followers, people love it.

However, a recent post she shared online has me questioning a lot.

In the video, Emily showcases a lunch that she made involving tuna, rice, avocado, seaweed, and—an ice cube.

The whole thing seems a bit crazy so I had to watch the video for myself a few times.

First, Emily gets a piece of tuna from the fridge.

Emily takes the tuna out of a container from the fridge and begins mashing it up with a fork on a plate until the tuna is flattened and completely chopped up.

Then, she covers the tuna with sticky rice, much like sushi rice.

Next, oddly enough, Emily grabs an ice cube.

The TikToker puts an ice cube in the middle of the food, in the rice, and prepares to put it in the microwave.

I'm unsure what the ice is actually for but to be honest, it grosses me out to put ice in the food I am cooking.

Then, she microwaves it all.

Emily put the ice cube right in the middle of the rice and then put parchment paper on top, getting ready to microwave the entire dish.

The whole "ice cube" in the microwave skeeved me out. But, even weirder the ice didn't melt.

After, Emily adds avocado and some sauces.

Soy sauce, sriracha, and mayo go on top of this tuna dish, as well as avocado and some seaweed wraps.

The entire dish is mixed together so the sauce can get all over. But, I'm still not over the whole "tuna in the microwave."

The end product doesn't necessarily look terrible.

Emily has a way of making all of her food and recipes look pretty good, but still, missing me with the whole tuna and microwave + ice. I can't help but think the entire house is going to smell like fish.

Like me, many were confused.

Many people online were confused as to how and why the ice cube didn't melt in the microwave when she put everything in.

She actually did take the ice cube out after, showing it didn't melt at all. Weird!

Luckily, some smart people are on TikTok.

One person said that the microwave vibrates the water molecules inside food to produce heat. So, the ice cube's water molecules are "locked in place," so it doesn't melt.

I guess you really can learn something new every day.