Attaching Skeletons To Car Antennas Is The Halloween Trend We Can't Help Laughing At

Does your car still have an antenna?

Then I'm jealous. Antenna decorating looked so fun to me as a kid. Unfortunately, a lot of cars didn't have them by the time I came of age to drive. Except older cars...and that's the exact kind of car one TikTok user has. She did what needed to be done and decorated her car with a skeleton that has people laughing their butts off.

Step 1: Get skeleton, attach to antenna.

Obviously you'll want to go for a mini skeleton. TikTok user Lyndsay Jade (@lyndsayjade) got her tiny skeleton man at Target, where all good things are found.

She attached her man to her antenna and hopped in the car.

Step 2: Drive.

This is art. This is what art is.

That skeleton is just flying in the wind, scared for its life. Try and tell me that isn't one of the funniest things you've seen today. You can't!

Step 3: Post update.

Lyndsay put her skeleton on her car in 2020. So, how did it hold up?

Well...he's still there, and that's honestly impressive. He lost a hand, a whole arm, a foot, and a whole leg, but he did gain a bow. So I'd call that a wash.

But what if you don't have an antenna?

Lyndsay had an answer for that: stick that thing to your windshield wiper.

(As a joke.)

(Do not do that.)

So, what do you think of this hilarious trend? Would you try it? I know I want to!