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Woman Puts Positive Pregnancy Test In Partner’s Ice Cream To Break Baby News

If there is one thing that people have come to love in recent years, it is celebrating life's milestones in bizarre and ever-more out-there ways — just look at the gender reveal party trend.

However, one woman on TikTok recently trod the line between cute and strange when she uploaded a video of her surprising her partner with the news that she was pregnant in a pretty off-the-wall manner.

The video saw TikToker Lisa place a positive pregnancy test into her partner's McDonald's ice cream.

The video was uploaded to the couple's joint TikTok account, surprisingly called 'joshandlisa' for some reason, and was captioned: "The sweetest pregnancy announcement."

Once she has slid the recently-urinated-upon stick into the ice cream, she covers the top with ice cream so that it is invisible to the naked eye.

The pregnancy test is hidden well enough for Josh not to notice it.

Josh quickly tucks into the ice cream, unaware. Lisa encourages him to eat it quicker, but Josh safely warns her of the dangers of brain freeze.

Lisa has a bit of fun with this idea and says that they have "always wanted a brain freeze" and that she cannot wait for them to have "a brain freeze together."

Eventually, Josh uncovers the hidden treat in his ice cream.

After Josh repeatedly asks, "Is this real? Is this real?" Lisa happily replies "Yes!"

Josh pulls out the test, inadvertently removing the safety cap on the end as he does so. However, I am sure that he has much more important things on his mind in that moment!

People were divided on the idea of hiding a pregnancy test in an ice cream.

"That's disgusting," wrote one individual, with another person echoing the sentiment by writing, "But...didn't you pee on that stick?"

One individual did argue, "Am I the only one who is smart enough to know she put the lid on the part she peed on?" Although, there is still a pretty high chance that there was piss on the rest of it.

I am not sure that the world is ready for people to be putting pregnancy tests in their food.

Although, they seem happy enough so what's the bother? It's not like anyone else has to eat an ice cream with a potentially urine-covered stick in it...hopefully.

There was one person though who was asking the big questions about the McDonald's ice cream, writing: "Hold up...the ice cream machine worked?"

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