Twitter's Viral "Demon" Dog Is Channeling The Halloween Spirit A Little Too Well

Twitter recently experienced something of a collective fever dream when it was presented with a dog quite like no other.

When one person uploaded an image of a dog peering over a neighbor's fence, they probably didn't expect the entirety of Twitter to bounce in with their hilarious comparisons of the dog to terrifying movie icons — most of which were surprisingly accurate!

Twitter user @thegallowboob's picture of the spooky pup has since racked up over 190,000 likes.

And it is easy to see why. The tweet sees a small, white dog staring into the photographer's soul — while also apparently wearing an amount of eyeliner that would make Brendon Urie wince.

Some were quick to point out that this was not a dog at all, but a haunted puppet.

One user also wrote, "That's not a dog that's a tiny serial killer."

While another person worriedly pointed out:

"That dog is plotting how to make your death look like a tragedy, while horrifying the entire neighborhood just to send a message. It doesn't want [to be] petted, just a whole movie worth of revenge."

It was quickly noted that the dog did bear a quite striking resemblance to Pennywise the clown.

Other comparisons included the likes of Heath Ledger's Joker, Sweeney Todd, Beethoven (my personal favorite), and someone simply wrote: "That thing clawed its way out of Pet Sematary."

The photoshop jobs were nothing short of majestic, while some also tried to work out how it was up so high?

In fact, for some people it was the fact that this dog had apparently learned how to use tools that made it most terrifying, as one person explained: "You should be [scared]. It's worked out how to use a ladder."

Although, others thought that this might be a series of dogs stood atop one another, a photo reference of which was quickly provided for those in need.

Whatever the case, this dog is radiating the most halloween-y energy I have ever seen.

This little furry guy has set the bar pretty high for being as spooky as possible this halloween. I just hope that the person who took the photo slept with one eye open for a while, as this dog looks like it will be haunting them for a good while!

h/t: NME

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