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Unknown Person Puts Stranger's Number For Job Recommendation, Gets Glowing Review

Finding job references can be a stressful affair. Even when you know your supervisors liked you, it can be a tad awkward to reach out to someone you probably haven't talked to in ages to ask them to put in a good word for you.

A recent TikTok shows us that it doesn't need to be so difficult.

Who would be your go-to reference?

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It's always nice to have a good reference ready to go, but sometimes you may be caught flat-footed.

If this happens, you could decide to look up potential references at past jobs, or list a total stranger as your reference.

The latter option is what kicks off this story.

TikToker Perseph shared the story.

Perseph, who goes by @satanbutgiv3himabowlcut on TikTok, shared the story of getting a call from a bookstore manager who needed a reference for one Jessica Sanchez.

Perseph doesn't know Jessica Sanchez, but as they explained in the video, decided to give her a glowing recommendation nonetheless.

Here's the full video.

Jessica apparently said that Perseph was the manager at a Panda Express.

Despite this not being the case, Perseph sprung into action. "Jessica is such a delight to work with!" they told the manager. "She goes above and beyond, we're really sorry to lose her. We hope she finds success in your company."

The comments were a treat.

Most comments on Perseph's video went in-depth on the ways that Jessica may or may not have helped them.

Look guys, this is well-intentioned and all, but Jessica just needed a humble recommendation from Panda Express.

Let's hope Jessica gets the job.

It sounds like Perseph poured some honey in the manager's ears, so things should go well for Jessica. If the manager needed any extra convincing, they could look to the comments for some examples of Jessica's heroism.

Maybe this Jessica Sanchez can double up on the recommendations.

This comment, from an unrelated Jessica Sanchez, was fun. It would definitely be a bit weird to encounter a random TikTok where everybody was singing your praises. It must be good for an endorphin boost, at least.

That's one way to hack a job interview.

Readers, we want to know what you think. Is this an innocent, funny way to do a stranger a solid? Or is it a serious disruption of the hiring process?

Let us know your thoughts, and share your stories, in the comments below!