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Bride Wonders If She Must Move Her Date Until After Brother's Shotgun Wedding

Although I'm sure many of us have heard enough horror stories to know how easy it is to ruin a wedding, it seems that one of the most effective ways is to set it on the same day as another family member.

Because while life can have a way of making people choose between important events in their lives, we can also find that some people are spiteful enough to put their families in that awkward situation and deliberately choose the same day as an enemy they're supposed to be close to.

But while that obviously creates a headache for any couple, one story illustrates that it's even more heartbreaking when the family apparently doesn't consider it such a tough choice.

Long before either of them were in a position to get married, one woman and her brother never got along.

And as she explained in a Reddit post, this hasn't changed in their adulthood and she saw fit to rescind his invitation to her wedding after he mistreated her fiancé in some unspecified way.

This wedding is set to take place on October 9, which is roughly two years after the couple became engaged in 2019.

Unfortunately, that last detail would turn out to matter a great deal after the brother got his girlfriend pregnant.

Having very traditional values, his family demanded that he get married in October as well, which he agreed to on the condition that he can choose the date.

So in a move clearly intended to spite his sister, he chose the exact same date that she was scheduled to be married.

As the bride said, "I worked for 2 years to be able to afford inviting and including everyone and that I chose this date first and want my whole family there."

This means that if she were to change her date, she's lose a great deal of money since she already paid for the venue, invitations, flowers, and food.

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However, this doesn't seem to matter to her mother, who insisted that she move her date because she figures that if the brother moves his date back, his girlfriend will start to show her pregnancy.

This is despite the fact that the family is paying for his wedding themselves and holding it on their property.

But no matter how the bride laid her case out, it seems that neither her mom nor her aunt budged from their positions.

As the mom said to her, "If you want the whole family at your wedding then you'll agree to move the date, you waited 2 years can't you wait a little longer?"

That seemed illogical to the bride and didn't take into account how costly it would be for her to do that. Still, she nonetheless wondered if there was something about her family's situation that she wasn't understanding.

But as far as Reddit was concerned, the only thing she wasn't understanding was that her family favors her brother over her.

As one user put it, "The blatant disregard for your investment and feelings should tell you everything you need to know. Go have your wedding without them."

Indeed, the consensus was that switching for wedding day would constitute making a major sacrifice for people who don't deserve it.

In the words of another person, "Your family is allowing Tim to bully you and this will never stop if you bend over to his demands. If your family support him and his antics, let them, and go low contact."

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