Brewer Takes Revenge On Boss Who Secretly Docked Wages After Brewer's Mom Died

Have you ever had a simply terrible boss? Either they did shady things within the business, treated their employees terribly, or was overall just a jerk?

Well, this man did. A brewer made a post about a terrible boss he had while working at a brewpub, listing every terrible thing the boss did and what he did in return as revenge.

We've all had a job we wished we could leave with a bang.

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Be it terrible managers, customers, or just plain hating it, many of us have dreamed about getting back at nightmare jobs.

Some lucky few actually got that chance. This is the story of u/PissedBrewer, who posted in the r/ProRevenge subreddit with a story titled, "I destroyed a brewery."

He jumps right into the story, providing a bit of background information about himself and the bewery.

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"Nearly 20 years ago, I was a brewer at a brewpub. The owner was a complete lunatic and an utter A-hole. Before I was hired, he had already purchased the brewery equipment, used, from a closed microbrewery." He then explained how this equipment had a number of problems, but he made it work.

"I only need to brew about 3 or 4 times a month [...], so I wasn't needed anywhere near 40 hours/week. And I was salaried. So he decided I needed to work night manager at least two nights a week, to fill out my hours."

After a year of working there, he took his first vacation.

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He went camping with his wife for a week, but while on this trip, received news that his mother had passed away. She had been battling stage four cancer for some time, but insisted her son and his wife go on this vacation.

"[...] I called my boss and told him what had happened, and that I probably would not be in on Monday as planned (this was Saturday). I found out later from a bartender that he then [expletive] at the chef that I was probably going to want more time off."

He did, in fact, ask for some more time off.

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Namely for his mother's funeral and to help support his father, who hadn't been handling this well. When the funeral came around, so did another issue.

"[My boss] wanted me to come in after my Mom's funeral. [...] I nearly lost it. I walked away, and after I cooled off I went back and told him I was no longer going to do the manager shifts, and that I wanted to switch to hourly for brewery work only."

This was fine for a while, until he noticed something amiss.

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"[...] my paychecks were for less than I anticipated. [...] I happened to have a couple of slips in my wallet, and because I still had manager access, discovered he had been altering my hours, eventually cheating me out of around 20 hours in just 6 weeks."

"And that's when I hatched my plan. I was done with this A-hole," he wrote.

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"[...] in a brewery, you harvest yeast from a fermenting batch to use to brew a later one. And since we were slow, it often had to be stored for a while before it got used. But you had to use it within 30 days (21 is better) or it goes sour and starts dying.

"Normally I would take other steps to ensure it stayed clean and healthy, but not on the last batch I harvested. It just went into the cold room. And stayed there."

It was the most perfect plan in terms of effort and reward.

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"On day 45, after I got the check for the last hours I worked, I overnighted my keys in with a resignation letter. He called me the next day, screaming. I told him I knew what he'd done, and I wouldn't be back.

"I don't know what he looked like when he went into the brewery cellar and discovered he had empty fermenters, nearly-empty serving tanks, dead yeast, and almost no grain. Pity really."

There was even more fallout afterwards.

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Apparently, the owner tried to hire the author's former assistant, who refused, and then hired an underage son of another local brewer who was fired not long after for getting caught drunk in the cellar. Then the owner tried doing it himself and failed not long after.

Overall, the author seemed pleased with his revenge.

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"About a year after I left, he folded. Staff showed up one morning to padlocked doors."

He ended his post with this, "Drove through there a few years back, not only gone but [the] building was torn down. I felt like stopping to sow the ground with salt, but I was in a hurry."

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