Man Threatens To Evict Sister-In-Law Who Locked His Daughter Out Of The Bathroom

Soon after the pandemic loomed, a lot of families found themselves living closer together than usual as a means of weathering the medical and financial storms that it would bring.

But unfortunately, this arrangement hasn't worked out so well for many of them and some have felt the need to make the hard decision of kicking out their relatives. In many cases, this happened as a means of protecting their children from that family member's treatment of them.

That fits the bill for the story we're about to go over today, but this one has an added dash of the period stigma that it seems like we can't completely get rid of.

After dealing with some unspecified issues with her mother, a 16-year-old girl decided to move in with her dad instead.

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And as that dad explained in a Reddit post, he and his wife had allowed the woman's sister and her 13 and 16-year-old sons to live with them by this point.

After all the paperwork was finalized, the daughter was able to move in about a month ago. At first, this arrangement seemed to work out and she got along great with her aunt.

However, this seemed to change when the sister-in-law complained about the daughter leaving used pads in the bathroom where the boys could see them.

Yet it turned out that not only was she actually throwing them in the trash where they belonged, but she even wrapped them up in toilet paper so the contents wouldn't be visible.

Still, it seems this wasn't enough for the sister-in-law, who wanted the daughter to throw her pads outside the house.

He thought this was a ridiculous thing to ask of his daughter, but the sister-in-law said that her boys were "pretty young" to be seeing those and that her 16-year-old had a phobia of blood.

As the dad said, "She threatened to change the bathroom door lock if I don't do something but I laughed her off."

But it turned out that she was serious and the next day, the daughter called her dad and said she was locked out of the bathroom. Instead, she had to go at her friend's house.

The sister-in-law tried to say that she wouldn't have done that if the daughter agreed to dispose of her pads elsewhere, but the dad thought she was out of her mind for preventing his daughter from using the bathroom in her own home.

He was so upset after removing the lock, in fact, that he decided that this sister-in-law was no longer welcome in his house.

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In response, his wife said her sister is a widow and would likely become homeless if he did this, but he said that his sympathy ran out as soon as she pulled this stunt.

In his words, "I demanded she leaves but my wife said I was unfair to those kids. I bluntly said not my problem she has 6 days to move out."

But while this certainly seemed like a harsh response to his wife and the sister-in-law, it appears that Reddit felt differently.

As one user said, "This has nothing to do with your SIL's status as a widow. Your priority must be protecting your own daughter, and that's what you're doing - protecting her from a sexist, abusive woman who is bent on instilling misogyny in her own sons. And make no mistake, denying a child access to a bathroom in her own home IS abuse."

Another agreed, saying, "We need to stop treating normal female bodily functions as disgusting or perverse. Your daughter did nothing wrong. And it’s her house!"

So if he does go through with this response, it seems he'll feel all the more emboldened to do so.

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