Dollar Store Decor Hack Has People Turning Mop Heads Into Rustic Pumpkins

Yup, it's happening.

People are turning dollar store mops into decorative pumpkins. The most surprising part? It actually looks good!

So, what's this DIY all about, and should you try it out? Let's head on over to the dollar store and find out! Ah, rhyming.

Here's what you'll need.

This one is pretty simple! You'll need a fuzzy mop head and string. Depending on how you do your DIY you may need a pumpkin or some hot glue!

The first method:

Tie off your mop head about half way down, then cut below where you've tied. This will create a little ball that you can open slightly to tuck the plastic part of the mop into. Boom, a pumpkin!

The other method is a little easier.

This one is much easier, since you can cut the strings off of the plastic mop base and work with each one individually. Glue them down to the styrofoam pumpkin and you're done!

The end result is so worth it.

The finished product is SO cute, and perfect for a house that favors farmhouse decor!

So, what do you think of this little hack? Would you try it for yourself? Let me know!