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California Burger Joint Bans Customers Under 18 From Dining Without Their Parents

A California restaurant, fed up with rambunctious teenagers, has taken the bold step of banning them altogether from its premises.

It isn't a complete ban on teenagers, but does require anyone who isn't a legal adult to be there with their parents.

Teens: who needs 'em, right?

Unsplash | Eliott Reyna

That's the message this restaurant seems to be sending.

Red Rooster Burgers & Brew, a burger joint in Garden Valley, California, has had it up to here with teenagers messing stuff up on its property.

They made the announcement with this Facebook post.

It's quite a lengthy read, but the tl;dr is that teenagers ('kiddos' in the restaurant's verbiage) have been making messes, using bad language, and generally causing a ruckus.

"We live in such a quaint beautiful town," the post concludes. "I wish it didn't have to be this way."

It sounds like bedlam.

Unsplash | Eliott Reyna

The complaints run the gamut from kiddos squirting ketchup and mustard into the wrong bottles to kiddos squirting said ketchup onto the walls.

The complaint extends into "issues with youth roaming the streets at night vandalizing the neighborhood."

Commenters were overwhelmingly supportive.

Most of the comments were from people who were happy that the restaurant finally kicked those meddling kids off their lawn. Garden Valley is a small community and evidently the locals want to keep things peaceful.

What's with the 'kiddos' talk, anyway?

Obviously, the restaurant owner is trying to be condescending, but to me, it comes off weird. The original post included the word five times, and it just feels strange to refer to 'kiddos sitting on the baby changing table in the bathroom making out.'

The restaurant can get back to what it does best.

From the looks of things, Red Rooster Burgers & Brew is at its best when it's banning kiddos from its premises and hosting informative essential oils seminars. It's good that they can now achieve a sense of normalcy.

What do you think?

It's hard not to feel sympathy for a restauranteur who's seen their establishment disrespected by teenagers. On the other hand, it feels like they're discriminating against people based on their age.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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