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Drunk Man Joins Search For Missing Person Only To Find They’re Looking For Him

Local authorities in Turkey were left baffled, and presumably a little vexed, by the outcome of a missing person case that they were called out on earlier this week.

While the search for the missing person ended up with a happy ending, it did have a somewhat odd twist.

Beyhan Mutlu had been out drinking with friends, when he had wandered off.

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Mutlu and his friends had been enjoying a few drinks around the near the city of İnegöl in the neighbourhood of Çayyaka, a rural area, according to NTV.

While somewhat inebriated, Mutlu had meandered into a nearby wood.

When Mutlu didn't return, his friends called the police.

After the 50-year-old man had been gone for a while, his friends grew quite concerned about him and, unable to locate him, called the police.

The police called out a host of search and rescue teams from the surrounding areas to locate the missing man.

When the teams began calling out Mutlu's name, they made a shocking discovery.

It turned out that Mutlu himself was one of the locals who had joined in with the search, as many local residents had volunteered to help out the search efforts.

Mutlu was obviously just trying to be helpful, but had no idea that he was helping the authorities and search teams to look for himself.

Once the search parties called out Mutlu's name, he apparently called from the back, "Who are we looking for? I am here."

Mutlu was taken home by the authorities, safe and sound, where they took a statement regarding the bizarre evening, NTV reported.

The search teams had apparently been scouting the area for "hours" before Mutlu realised that they were looking for him, which is somewhat alarming!

Mutlu's friends were presumably just happy to have found him though!

Pretty much everyone has done something daft when they are drunk, but joining in with a search party which is looking for yourself long into the night is a pretty impressive way to end an evening!

Hopefully Mutlu will think twice before wandering into the woods again on a night out again.

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