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Mom Slams Principal For Sending Her Daughter Home For Violating Dress Code

Over the last few years, stories of parents dealing with school administrations and dress codes have become increasingly popular across social media. In many cities and states, outdated dress codes have landed students in the principal's office for "violating" their rules.

Many parents have then spoken out against the schools because they feel the dress codes are "unfair" and they are infringing on their children's education.

This week, one mom on TikTok went viral for confronting school administration after her daughter was "dress coded."

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This isn't the first time that something like this has happened. In fact, it seems like all anyone can talk about.

The mom shared a series of videos online showcasing what happened at her daughter's middle school.

Her daughter, who apparently attends Ford Middle School in Washington State, was sent to the office and then asked to "go home for the day" due to the way she was dressed.

Her mother came to school and confronted the admin about her daughter's outfit.

The mother said she was "so done with it," referring to the dress code and the "violation" the principal stated.

In a conversation with the principal, the mom said, "but she's still going to class," assuming her daughter can change and go back to class.

However, the principal said "not right now, no," saying she could not return to class.

The principal was then angry at the mother for confronting her and recording her.

The principal then began to tell the mother she had "no right" to record her and even threatened to call an attorney to the school, as well.

The mother, however, stood her ground and wanted answers as to why her daughter couldn't go back to class and get an education.

In the TikTok videos, her daughter can be seen for a brief moment.

Her daughter is sporting a pair of joggers and a t-shirt, which to many does not seem to be violating any dress codes.

However, the daughter was still sent home from school and was not allowed to return to class.

The TikTok mom even uploaded the dress code screen shot.

Many people online said that nowhere on the dress code does her daughter seem to be violating any rules.

In fact, man people we outraged by the mother because her daughter was totally "fine" in her outfit.

Many people online thanked the mom and supported her.

There were dozens of people in the comments pointing out how toxic this can be for young girls and their body image.

Many said that schools can put toxic body stigmas in their minds and that this mom was "right" for defending her child.

There were others, however, who said that rules are rules.

Other moms and parents said that "rules are rules" and that even though their kids also wear these kinds of clothes, they "don't wear them to school" because there are specific rules and the kids should abide by them.

Some parents also said the mom was wrong.

Some parents said that today, kids don't always respect authority and the reason is that their parents set a bad example for them.

Some said that the mom was "wrong" for not respecting the school's decision. However, the mom disagreed.

It's all very complicated, clearly.