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Two Teens Wore The Same Outfits To Prove Dress Codes Are Sexist

Dress codes have been the bane of people's existence for quite some time.

No one likes someone telling someone what they can or can't wear — especially if these rules are sexist.

Sadly, that seems to be the case after two teens put their school dress code to the test on TikTok. What they found was pretty shocking!

Recently, Illinois high schoolers, Drew Jarding and Kenzie Crimmins, took to TikTok to document how sexist dress codes really are.

"Dressing the same to school to show how dress codes are sexist," Drew captioned the video. Kenzie wore a crop top and leggings while Drew wore an even shorter crop top and shorts.

In an interview with Buzzfeed, Drew explained that their school's dress code prohibits crop tops, tank tops with spaghetti straps or any straps that show too much skin.

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Below, students can't wear ripped jeans and pants, dresses, and shorts must be below the knee.

There's a reason Kenzie's crop top was longer and a little more discreet in the video.

"Just so you could show how biased they really are," Drew told BuzzFeed. Meanwhile, Drew's entire stomach was uncovered as he showed himself walking into school. The shorts were also exceptionally short.

They had their similar outfits on display in front of different teachers, as they walked around and even danced.

But by the seventh period, Kenzie's luck had run out. She was written up while Drew's similar outfit got off scot-free.

"They were like, 'Your shirt is really revealing' and offered for me to go to the resource room to change," Kenzie told BuzzFeed.

The double standard was understandably frustrating for the teen.

"Honestly, it just makes me want to wear clothes like that more, because the standards are so not the same," she said.

People in the comments also shared in her frustrations. "BRO AND YOU WERE THE MOST REVEALING," one wrote.

"And y'all say double standards aren't a thing," added another.

One even suggested that Kenzie can sue the school for defamation. While that may not happen, many believe that dress codes being updated should. "The dress code is outdated. It was made in 1969," one commented.

Someone pointed out that the girl was written up because crop tops are prohibited for girls, not guys.

Before that viral video, Drew had already ventured into proving dress codes are sexist with his series, "wearing clothes that would get me dress coded if I were a girl."

In one video, he's shown wearing several different outfits, including extremely short shorts in class and a tank top that shows his shoulders.

"These were in front of my principal," he says, as he shows off the yellow tank top and short shorts with other girls in the room also wearing shorts.

At one point, he had a jacket on with no shirt on underneath.

"No one stopped me all week, especially in the middle of the hallway," he wrote.

People in the comments were also baffled: "This makes me so mad but happy at the same time," wrote one.

"I had known that dress codes had been unfair for a while, I just didn't know to this extent," Drew told Buzzfeed.

"I was wearing multiple outfits that were going against the code or whatever and they hadn't said a single thing to me all that week."

Drew has continued to make these important videos.

In them, he's worn different items that break the dress code, such as a pair of shorts that are above the knee and a shirt with no sleeves.

He's paraded these outfits in a full lunchroom and no one said anything. What will it take?!