Woman Documents The Crazy Discoveries From Her Grandparent's Freezer

What rests in the back of our freezers can be a mystery even to those who put those items there in the first place. There could be something that has been there so long you now fear looking at it, afraid of the monster it might have become.

One woman on TikTok decided to brave the freezer of her in-laws and share what she found with the rest of the world.

When cleaning, we tend to discover things we forgot about.

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Small trinkets, lost documents, and forgotten gifts are hiding in every corner of our homes, just waiting to be dug out.

A woman on TikTok encountered a similar phenomenon when clearing out her in-laws' fridge, discovering long-forgotten food that had been tucked away for decades.

Nellie, @madamquasar, displayed quite the array of food.

She wasted little time jumping right into the showcase. The food was kept in various recycled containers containing tape labels with what each container held and the date it was packaged. The first one alone is pretty extreme.

"How about some blackberries for dinner tonight from 1972?" Nellie asks the audience.

That's right, she found blackberries that are almost 50 years old.

And it only gets worse from there.

"How about some strawberries from 1984?" she continues, "Or maybe some blueberries from 1983. How about some different blueberries from '97? How about some egg yolks from 1998? Some butter from 1992. Some ham broth for seasoning from 1993. Some applesauce, from 1999, and some raspberries from the same year.

"And if that doesn't sound good enough, here's some cranberries from I don't know what year!"

The video got way more popular than she was expecting.

Sitting at just over 4 million views and just under 800k likes, it went fully viral.

So much so, that she felt compelled to make a follow-up addressing some requests. She begins the second video with, "Alright, you guys asked for it. Here's the blueberries from 1983."

She then proceeds to open the container, showing what initially just looks like slime.

She then scoops some out and places the spoonful on a plate.

There we can see that there definitely are still blueberries in there, though they look rather small and definitely not good anymore.

She then opens the blackberries from 1972, which Nellie notes have lost a lot of color and now look like brains.

She moves on to the strawberries from '84.

She disclaims that they've been sitting out for about eight hours as she reveals the almost grey, slightly fermented muck inside that container.

She goes on to show off every other container listed in the first video. As you can probably guess, none of the contents look edible, much less appetizing.

The comment sections of both videos matched her disgust and awe at what she'd found.

"I covered my nose as if I could smell it," wrote one user on the second video.

Another made an observation about the generation of people that would do this, "It baffles me that boomers won't throw food away because it's wasteful but will run electricity to a freezer full of garbage for 40 years."

And despite any gags felt, there were still those able to see the humor in Nellie's discoveries.

"It was in the freezer so it's still good," joked the top comment on her first post.

"Ham Broth and I graduated high school together; it's great to see he's doing well," said another.

This story doesn't need a lesson, but let's give it one anyway. Please don't keep food this long, frozen or otherwise. Please.

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