Let Your Plants Hang Out In A Skull Planter That Speaks To Our Inner Goth

Time to get CREEPY.

Those of us who are Halloween enthusiasts know that you can get away with having some pieces of Halloween decor up year-round. Take these planter skulls, for example — not only do they look appropriately terrifying for Halloween, they're also just dope decor for the rest of the year!

Can I get a hell yeah?

HELL YEAH. This planter is AMAZING. There's something so cool about pairing anatomical pieces of decor with plants. It's all very organic and super creepy, which is the perfect vibe for Halloween.

They look so chic.

The skulls are 3D printed planters created by Etsy shop DashOfCuriosity, which specializes in creating 3D printed anatomical home decor. The skulls are especially awesome, especially the hanging ones.

And yeah, they come in pink.

Because I know my fellow pink stans would be hoping for a pink skull. I'm actually so tempted to buy this for my house. It's pastel Halloween realness.

There's other planter types, too!

If you're not into the hanging planters, there's tabletop ones that will hold your favorite succulents!

You can check out the hanging planters here and the table ones here. Happy haunting!