Gothic Skeleton Planter Lets Climbing Plants Grow On Some Bones

It is NEVER too early to start decorating for the spooky season.

Halloween lovers know that Halloween is a state of mind, not a holiday. If you want your home to look like it's October 24/7, then allow me to introduce you to a planter that will fit in right next to your pumpkins: a skeleton planter.

This is no ordinary skull planter.

While skull planters are totally fine, they're pretty common these days. Everyone has a skull planter for Halloween, you know? But not everyone has a skeleton planter.

Let your ivy climb the bones!

This planter is ideal for climbing vines, especially ivy. It gives the skeleton a very earthly quality, if you'll excuse that horrible pun. Plus, it'll keep your ivy off of the floor!

It's unbelievably cool looking, too.

The black is especially chic, and really could be displayed year-round. I absolutely love the crystal skull, too! It gives the whole thing an even creepier quality.

And the best news? It's not that expensive.

In fact, I'd call this downright cheap! It's on sale for $30, which is crazy for something that detailed. You can order it from Azure Jelly. Keep it spooky!

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