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Man Divides Internet Over How He Leaves His Hotel Room At Checkout: 'Not Necessary'

When going on vacation, there are social protocols of certain things to do. Some people feel like they need to inspect everything the moment they check into a new hotel room. Some say that they want to use the safe, others don't want to use the safe. When checking out, there are also tons of things that people feel the need to do, too.

When checking into a hotel room, many people check everything in the room.

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Knowing that other people have previously stayed in the room, guests often like to check the drawers, the closet, and even in the shower/bathtub.

Many want to know how the A/C works, and even where the locks are on the doors.

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When checking out, people also have some routines.

Like Ross from Friends who stole everything and waited until the last possible minute.

Non fictional people like to double-check everything to make sure they took all of their belongings with them.

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Others even take the robes and towels with them (yikes) in their suitcases and bags. Additionally, some people take the toiletries with them, too.

Recently, one person shared their own "turn down" routine for their hotel stays.

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One Facebook user recently shared his own check-out routine online and asked others if they do the same.

To be honest, the whole routine seems a bit extra to me, but some people agreed that it was a kind and humble gesture.

Dazza shared a photo of the way he leaves his hotel bed.

In the photo, Dazza showcases that he takes off the sheets, the comforter, and even the pillowcases and puts them in a pile at the end of the bed totally stripped.

He also stacks up the pillows at the end of the bed, too.

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But because it's the internet, of course, people had tons of opinions on what the man did.

In fact, many online were divided about this method of checking out.

Some people online said that they didn't think that it was necessary because housekeepers and hotel workers get paid to strip the bed and clean the room.

While this may be true, others felt it was a kind gesture to do.

Another person added they had never considered it.

Another hotel-goer online said that they are kind enough to "never leave the room in a state," but it never had occurred to them prior to even strip the bed or organize things in a way for housekeeping like this.

Others added that this was something they'd love to begin doing.

One Facebook user said that at restaurants, they always stack the plates on the table for the waitstaff and the bussers.

So in turn, doing something like this at hotels would be a great way to help out.

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They even thanked the Facebook user for the tip.

It's clearly something that tended to skip a lot of people's minds, which is understandable.

One housekeeper said that they would appreciate this immensely.

One housekeeper said that as someone who works in the industry, they would appreciate whoever did this for them.

It definitely makes their jobs a bit easier and after cleaning up after people all of the time, it would be nice to get an easy room or two.

After all, every job is very difficult in its own way.

I hate cleaning my own house, so I'm sure cleaning room after room takes a toll.

One commenter did leave a funny joke.

One Facebook user saw the photo as an opportunity to crack a little joke saying that clearly, the OP used this as just a way to let the housekeeping (and social media) know that he doesn't wet the bed anymore.

Too funny!

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