Man Shares How He Leaves Hotel Sheets For Housekeeping, Sparking Intense Debate

Do you have a routine when you're checking out of a hotel room? For me, I need to double-, triple-, and quadruple-check the room to make sure I haven't forgotten anything, but there's nothing else I really do.

However, one traveler shared his tip for leaving a hotel room, and it's a tad unorthodox.

Here's how he captioned his post.

Facebook | Dazza

With wording like this and hundreds of comments, you just know things are about to get a little bit weird.

Dazza, who goes by Daaren Dowling in real life, shared an image of the way he always leaves his hotel bed.

Here it is.

Facebook | Dazza

As you can see, he strips off every layer of bedding, folds it as well as he can (those fitted sheets are tough), and stacks it all on the bed.

I'll admit that I've never done this at a hotel, nor have I considered it.

He offered this rationale.

Facebook | Dazza

I'm not too sure what this has to do with stripping your hotel bed, but clearly he sees some similarities. I appreciate the comment below, pointing out that this isn't exactly an apples to apples comparison.

The hot takes poured in.

Facebook | Dazza

You can never fully believe what you read online, so take it with a grain of salt, but apparently you can get fined for doing this if you're in Spain.

Stay out of Spain, though, and you should be in the clear.

This is taking things too far.

Facebook | Dazza

I appreciate the joke, but hotel housekeepers have a tough enough job. There's no need to subject them to a horror show like this. Just completely strip the bed or leave it alone like a normal person.

He's actually right?!

Facebook | Dazza

The most important comment thread is right here. A cabal of current and former housekeepers chimed in, confirming that they actually like it when guests do this. I had no idea. Seems like an easy thing to do if it makes their lives easier.

What's your checkout routine?

Unsplash | Taisiia Shestopal

Readers, we want to know what you think of Dazza's unorthodox hotel routine. Is it weird or does it make sense? Also, share some of your best hotel check-in and check-out stories in the comments section below!