Boyfriends Confront 'Creep' Who Took Pictures Of Twin Sisters In Tense Video

When we reach a societal consensus that something isn't OK, it can be a little too easy to convince ourselves that our work is done and that the issue we're fighting is no longer a problem.

But whether we're talking about discrimination, harassment, or any other harmful behavior we can see among our peers, we can eventually find that there's always somebody out there doing it. What can change, however, is that they'll find a more subtle way to engage in their basest impulses.

While we've hardly seen the end of blatant street harassment from those with lewd intentions, it's become increasingly more common for people to quietly take pictures of the women they mean to ogle.

But as we can see from the cases where this has backfired, this approach can land these folks in as much trouble as their more boisterous peers.

And sometimes, it's not just the person being photographed who has a problem with it.

Be advised that the videos featured in this article contain explicit language

While shopping in Michigan with her twin sister, a woman named Daisy apparently noticed a man taking photos of the pair with his phone.

As we will see from the start of her video, their boyfriends were also present at the time and quickly started questioning the man doing this.

They asked if he worked there and heard that he was waiting for someone to help him find brown circuit devices.

However, neither man bought this response and pressured him to scroll through his most recent photos.

Sure enough, there were indeed pictures of the women on his camera roll and while one of the boyfriends went to find an employee, the other made sure the man deleted them.

As he did this, Daisy reminded the man that the job isn't complete until he goes to the folder marked "recently deleted" and removes them from his phone forever.

She also said, "You don't just take pictures of young women" while the man answered with a dismissive, "Yeah, yeah, yeah."

And as we can see here, the boyfriend overseeing this process was less than impressed by the man's attitude.

Throughout the video, he can be heard saying, "Don't sit here and say, 'Yeah, yeah yeah,'" and "I don't see who you think you are taking photos of my girlfriend."

In the follow-up video available here, the man Daisy described as a "creep" finally fulfilled the group's demands and deleted all 69 photos he took of the sisters.

Soon after, an employee joins the conversation and asks if he was indeed taking photos of the women, to which he said, "I did happen to take pictures of the lady, yes."

And when she asked why, it seems that all he could think to say before parting ways with the group was, "Boredom, I think."

To reiterate, he was apparently "bored" enough to take 69 photos of the same two women in the short time they were shopping near him.

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