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Wife's Secret Message For Husband After An Argument Is So Petty People Have To Love It

Revenge is a dish best served petty!

Just ask Emily Maverick, who goes by the username @maverickmother on TikTok.

She recently went viral for showing users the savage way she lets her husband know she's still mad at him. Hint: it's through a secret message!

This is something every woman needs to see, ASAP.

As much as you love your partner, there are days where your patience is wearing dangerously thin.

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They left the toilet seat up, AGAIN? Did they spend most of the night reading about fantasy football instead of spending it with you?

While you could talk things out, some of us are far too petty for that.

So instead, we get revenge. Like this woman who made the world's most adorable pancake.

Well, it's probably not adorable to her hungry boyfriend. What's next, mini bacon and eggs? With a breakfast so small, you have to wonder what he did to make her so mad.

This woman knows her husband's pet peeve is clothes sticking out of drawers.

"So when I'm at work, she does this to my side for when I get home..." the husband wrote on Instagram. Another wife only made up her side of the bed in the morning.

Some women get petty inspiration from others.

"There is a woman on this Turkish tv show who gave her husband a kidney and now they’ve broken up she wants it back," this Twitter user wrote. "I admire this level of petty."

You gotta respect the savageness.

The latest example of being petty comes from Emily on TikTok.

In her video that's been viewed more than a million times, she shares how she lets her husband know she's still pissed off with him.

Her solution is to take a piece of toast and press "FU" into the middle.

When the toast is finished, the secret message is prominently displayed for her hubby to see.

"Breakfast is ready," she captioned the hilarious vid. People were hella impressed! "Wot an awesome idea, cheers," one wrote. "Get creative," Emily replied, with a laughing emoji.

"Classic! I know what someone will be having for breakfast tomorrow!!" another laughed.

"This is the level of pettiness I love," added a third. One user even joked about presenting this idea to their boss: "Hey boss, can I do this to the customers?"

One guy wrote that he can't get mad since he's impressed.

This caused Emily to admit that her husband was impressed, too. When a divorced woman wanted to try it, she recommended posting the bread through their mailbox.

Emily even offered tips on making the letters prominent: "Dampen your fingers a little for best results."

Emily's video prompted people to share how they even with their partners.

"I make his food hot and spicy," one wrote with a smirk emoji. "Why don't you just burn the slice of toast and launch it at his throat? that's how I let my bf know I'm pissed off," this user commented.

There were some who believed Emily's trick took things too far.

"Just let him know," one wrote, referring to talking to her husband instead of resorting to passive-aggressive messages.

"Meanwhile he's cheating on you so... get as creative as you like sweetheart," another daringly wrote.

Another pointed out that her husband might not even notice the message if he's too busy eating.

For the most part, Emily's idea was praised for being brilliant. Many are saving it to try on their wives, husbands, and even children!

Would you try this? Let us know in the comments!