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Viral Post Reminds People To Stock Up On Old-School Casserole Dishes

Ah, casserole dishes. The ugliest dishes known to man.

Don't get me wrong — I appreciate a good dish like the elder millennial that I am. But I think we can all agree those vintage casserole dishes aren't exactly a big draw when you're out thrifting, right?

Well, thanks to a viral Facebook post, it might be time to reconsider.

So, why casserole dishes?

"I saw a post the other day by a lady who said she always grabs vintage casserole dishes when she sees them at thrift stores or yard sales and uses them when she brings a meal to someone!" Cortney Hawk posted on Facebook.

I think I see where she's going here.

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"She said often they are cheaper than disposable ones and the family can either keep for themselves or pass on to someone else who needs a meal in the future!"

Okay, queen of sustainability!

Some people were already in on the trend!

I never thought of doing this with plates before, but it's brilliant. It's also more eco-friendly than bringing over paper plates, and WAY better than plastic containers! I love this idea.

I love the ways people work to be more sustainable.

There's so much creativity in the world, and it's so cool that it's being directed at trying to be more eco-friendly and sustainable. Not everything has to be disposable, you know?