Woman's Ketchup Hack Restores Thrift Store Pots Back To Their Original Shine

Who here cooks with copper pots? I have at least a few of them. But have you noticed that after a while, they do become quite tarnished? That doesn't look good. Am I right?

However, before you get tempted to throw them away, listen up. There's no need. I'm going to show you an easy and cheap trick to get them looking brand new.

I'm not one to throw away anything unless it's literally falling apart.

So I wouldn't want to do the same to my cooking pots. That's why I was so intrigued when I stumbled upon this TikTok video that claims to help you clean them up.

Get this.

A lady who goes by the TikTok handle @jessiesayhey recently bought some used copper pots at Goodwill. She paid like 50 cents for them, ha, ha! But before you get horrified at buying used pans, there's no need. I promise you.

There's a method to her madness.

Even though the pots may have looked a little run down, it didn't stop her. Why? Because she claims to have an easy and cheap hack to restore them to their previous glory. Yes, that's right.

And you won't believe what she used to clean those pots.

Want to take a guess? It's ketchup. OMG, what? Ha, ha! Let me show you exactly how she did it. That way, you can do it yourself too. Ready?

First, she puts a generous amount of ketchup on the outer bottom of the pot.

She smears it all over until the whole thing is covered up. And then she leaves it on for a few hours so it can oxidize.

Now, after a few hours, this is what happens.

The crust comes off, voila! Can you believe that? My gosh! How is it that I didn't know about this before? I would have been doing it all along for years, ha, ha!

Needless to say, when people saw this on TikTok, they were blown away by it, too, just like I was.

Some of them even said that somebody should do this to clean the Statue of Liberty. Isn't that right? Ha, ha!

Here's one thing you should know.

Unsplash | Erik Mclean

You don't necessarily have to use ketchup. It's actually the vinegar that creates this chemical reaction. So you could just use white vinegar instead and maybe some baking soda. I don't know about you, but I would rather eat my ketchup.

So let me ask you: Have you heard of this cleaning hack before, or is this total news to you?

I mean, I know that vinegar is a great cleaning tool, but I've never seen it done like this before. I've got to try it myself. How about you?