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People Are Talking About The Dumbest Things They've Done For No Reason At All

We've all done something stupid before.

Whether it was cheating on a test, getting a tattoo of a boyfriend's name, or forgetting to defrost the chicken before your mom got home (let's be real, that's the most punishable offence).

So when u/blackwatchdoctor asked Redditors to share the dumbest things people have done for no reason at all, there were a LOT of answers.

The gum in the eye.

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When this Redditor was eight, they were opening up a pack of gum when their dad, for whatever reason, said not to put it in their eye. So what did they do? They went upstairs and put the gum in their eye. #genius.

The coffee to go.

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"Went to a coffee shop and ordered a large cup of coffee. Barista hands it to me and I put it into my purse with no lid." - u/samanthalynn-s. LOL someone clearly needed a coffee.

The cotton ~~insulation~~candy.


"When i was about 8, i was walking out of school, i picked up some pink fairy floss (cotton candy) off the ground and put it in my mouth. It was insulation." - u/deleted

The knock on wood.

Normally, people knock on doors of houses. Well, this Redditor decided to get up from their desk to walk out and knocked on the door before opening it and walking into the hallway. For no reason.

The marshmallow.

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"When i was 6 or 7 years old I would sit on marshmallows until i squished them very thin. Then I would place them over my heating grate then proceed to eat them. Washing them down with ginger ale sucked from a paper towel that i would dip into said Canada dry ginger ale in a glass." - u/MrsVoorheeslovechild

The altoids.


"When I was young I took an altoids container put three pennies in it then added toothpaste on top of the pennies and filled it with water closed it and stored it in my closet for months until my dad found it." - u/SubstituteHero

The electrical shock.

Unsplash | Jakub Skafiriak

This Redditor decided to play with fire — literally — when they got sparks and embers to shoot from an electrical socket in their undeveloped basement. To this day, he doesn't know how he didn't burn the house down.

The glass cutter.

"My father had a glass cutter that consisted of a diamond embedded in the tip of a metal rod. I decided to witness it’s amazing cutting power exhibited in cartoons, so I tried to cut a circle in our garage door window glass. The scar still rests in the glass 36 years later." - u/nivenfan

The peeing ballerina.


"When I was little I threw my ballet shoes into a toilet I had just peed in. I have no idea why. I then ran to my mom who couldn't decipher through my hysterical crying what was going on. To this day I still have no idea why I did it, but I remember feeling that I had to do it." - u/poodlenancy

The rolling passenger.

Unsplash | David Emrich

Have you ever been riding in someone's car and thought, "what if I just jumped out of the car right now?"

One Redditor decided to do that. They were a backseat passenger in their friend's car and decided to open the door and roll out while the car was driving down the street.

The ant colony.


"I have an amazing ability to pick up almost any bug carefully and efficiently without hurting them, so when I first discovered this when I was about 5 or 6, I went and collected 44 ants, got some dirt, and made my own ant colony. in my room... under my bed..." - u/deleted

The soda can.

Unsplash | James Yarema

For whatever reason, this person used to drink cans of soda by stabbing them with a push pin/thumb tack. One time they accidentally swallowed the tack, which led to an emergency room visit and an X-ray.

The flying pie.

"When I was about 9-10 years old, I threw a piece of pie into my neighbours yard. Turns out my neighbour was in her yard..She came and knocked on my door why a piece of pie flew out of nowhere and almost hit her. Strangest thing i got in trouble for." - u/EarthEcsplorer

The cigarette lighter.


You know those old cigarette lighters in cars? Well, this Redditor decided to pull it out to inspect it.

Since it didn't look hot or anything, they tested it the best way they knew how: they stuck it to their tongue. Ouch!

The lemon poppy seed muffin.

"One time I was eating a lemon poppyseed muffin. The phone rang, so I reacted by shoving the entire muffin my mouth and eating it as fast as I could, nearly choking to death, and I didn't even make it to the phone before it stopped ringing." - u/spaghatta111

The razor tongue.

Unsplash | Jan Kopřiva

"When I was a kid I went into my parents bathroom. I found my dad’s razor and I decided to scrape it against my tongue, my whole tongue. I started screaming in pain immediately after." - u/PsyGuy98. Who needs taste buds, anyway?

The sharpened pinky.

Unsplash | Caleb Woods

When this Redditor was young, they woke up before everyone else and decided to sharpen their pinky first thing in the morning so they could have a sharp finger. WTF?! They ended up waking the parents up with the bloody finger.

The pickpocket.


"I once picked a guys pocket and put it back just to see if I could do it without getting caught. I didn't get caught. It was the single dumbest thing I've ever done in my life considering how bad it could have gone if I had gotten caught." - u/shadowrangerfs

The dog house.

Unsplash | Andrik Langfield

"Told my wife she has an anger issue. It just came out. Like, 10 minutes ago. We weren't even fighting. Guess what? She is [expletive] pissed right now." - u/deleted. Yep, he's in serious trouble!

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