People Are Turning Thrift Store Dolls Into Decor That Is Downright Creepy

There's nothing creepier than a haunted doll.

Between Annabelle and Chucky, dolls have become a horror mainstay that translate very well to creepy home decor. You can thrift them and make them over with very little impact on your wallet, and it's a TON of fun.

Just, you know... try not to buy a haunted doll, okay?

Oh HELL yeah.

Now THAT is an upgrade.

This doll was purchased from a thrift store, and she was in pretty bad shape. Her new owner decided to lean into her ragged appearance and make her into Halloween decor! I LOVE HER.

Some people actually do this as a hobby.

One Redditor's wife has fun turning dolls she thrifts into nightmare fuel. As they noted, she doesn't sell the dolls, because, "... she gets very attached to them which means I have to live under the same roof as they do."

I love art.

This doll got caught in a zombie hoard.

"My thrift store doll is ready for Halloween. Airbrushed her into a zombie tonight."

Imagine being able to just casually airbrush a doll into a zombie with that level of precision. I am floored.

This has bride of Chucky vibes.

The level of creativity people have to turn dolls into something that I would totally hit with a baseball bat blows my mind.

What do you think of these doll makeovers? Would you try it?