Woman Upcycles Thrifted Plastic Dollhouses Into Spooky Mansions

Did you have a cute dollhouse as a child? Sadly, I gotta admit, I didn't. It just wasn't a thing where I grew up.

But if you still remember your pretty dollhouse, perhaps you'll dig this. This woman transformed an old, sweet dollhouse into a creepy and spooky haunted mansion. I think this is a great idea, just in time for Halloween.

Samantha Browning must have a thing for dollhouses.

Otherwise, I dunno how else you can explain her idea to transform them into haunted houses for Halloween. I'm not sure where this fascination came from, but I must admit, it's pretty cool.

Samanth said she was inspired to make these mansions after seeing similar DIY projects on TikTok.

She began searching thrift stores and Facebook marketplace for old plastic dollhouses that she could transform.

For this transformation, she began by spray painting the house completely black.

She later added painted details for the greenery and the home's hardware to give it that realistic look.

Here's a look at the house after its spray paint makeover.

Wow! You can already see the spooky vibes coming together here. But Samantha was far from done when it came to this DIY project.

Here's a look at the completed version of her spooktacular creations.

Facebook | Samantha Browning

The creepy scenery she created here is really impressive and the lights add just the right amount of ambiance. I would love to have something like this to display in my house.

Just look at all this amazing detail here.

Samantha definitely didn't spare any of it to make it as authentic as possible. I love this little skeleton holding a pumpkin and getting ready to throw it at someone, hee, hee.

Honestly, looking at this, I would have never guessed that this was once one of those pink plastic dollhouses.

Do you agree with me? I think I would have loved playing with this one even more than the original, ha, ha!

Check out another awesome creation of hers.

This one is so beautifully done, isn't it? I can't get over all the incredible detail here. I'm totally digging this one. I wish I could buy it for my Halloween decor collection.

It looks like her own kitty is pretty impressed with it too.

It's so cool that he's a black cat, too. It's all too fitting for Halloween. I think our black cat, Mayu, would be digging this haunted dollhouse too.

You'd think Samantha would only focus on the exterior of the dollhouse but that's far from the truth.

In fact, she is as meticulous with the interior details as she is with the exterior. How amazing are all these beautiful pieces here?

Here, she transformed a few cute and pretty dollhouses into something else entirely.

Whoa, just look at the size of these two. I didn't realize they were that big. I gotta say I'm even more impressed now. And, I want them!

It turns out Samantha isn't the only one who likes to remake these plastic dollhouses into haunted mansions.

There are other awesome creations out there like this Victorian-style dollhouse somebody created. Oh, I really like this one, too. It's absolutely stunning, isn't it?

This pretty pastel dollhouse got quite the makeover with some cool spray paint here.

I gotta say I absolutely love how it looks now. Its spooky and gothic vibe is right up my alley. If this isn't the coolest Halloween DIY, I dunno what is.

Here's a closer look at the finished job.

Not only does the exterior get painted but the interior needs to match it as well. I bet this is a little time-consuming but it must be so worth it when you see the end result.

Look at the cool detail of this awesome creation here.

I love how this dollhouse was given the antique touch. All the brass details make it look like it just aged naturally. This is some meticulous work. I'm so digging it.

Speaking of painting, what do you think of this incredible job here?

Wow, I gotta admit I'm really impressed by this haunted mansion dollhouse makeover. It's like a totally different playhouse. I would absolutely love to get one of these for myself.

Who else loves this bright pink dollhouse that got transformed into a creepy, abandoned castle?

To me, it looks like it went from a fairy tale to a little dark nightmare, hee, hee. If this little transformation isn't perfect for Halloween, I dunno what is.

Check out this cool video to see how this lady upcycled her sweet dollhouse into the most adorable spooky mansion.

I love how she added all these awesome details in order to make it look aged and scary all in one.

I had no idea people did this to old dollhouses.

Don't you think that this is such a fun, creative, and spooktacular idea for Halloween? I wish I had one of these. It would go so well with my Halloween decorations for sure.