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Plans To Remake Whitney Houston & Kevin Costner’s ‘The Bodyguard’ Divides Fans

Remakes of classic movies have been a staple of the cinema landscape in recent years, with many beloved films being given a makeover and re-release whether the die-hard fans of these films like it or not.

The most recent film to get a remake is none other than The Bodyguard, although the news does not have fans elated.

Matthew López was reportedly hired by Warner Bros. to pen the remake's script.

López is a Tony-nominated playwright, and the re-imagining of Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner's 1992 romantic drama flick has some big shoes to fill.

The film is often considered as being the vehicle which propelled the late Whitney Houston into becoming the worldwide icon that she was.

The original film was a box office sensation at the time of its release.

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Houston and Costner's The Bodyguard grossed an excess of $400 million at the worldwide box office.

Furthermore, the soundtrack has since become one of most immediately recognisable soundtracks of all time.

A remake of The Bodyguard has reportedly been in the works since 2011.

Some of the names who have been attached to the supposed remake have included the likes of Cardi B, Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, and Channing Tatum, according to Variety.

It now seems that the project is finally happening. However, there has not been a confirmed cast list released for the project yet.

Fans of the classic movie have been somewhat split on the prospect of a remake.

For some, the idea of remaking the classic felt a little pointless, with many wondering who could possibly fill the shoes of Whitney Houston. Some fans of the original had such responses as:

"I feel like this is one of those classics that shouldn't be remade. Nobody can top Whitney."

"They should just leave this wonderful movie alone no remakes no other actors will ever be able to walk in the original actors' shoes leave it alone ... NO REMAKES."

"The star of that movie is the soundtrack. They need to find someone on Whitney’s level. Otherwise [you're] left with a very bad movie."

However, some people did seem quite positive about the idea...

There were a few people who were cautiously optimistic about the idea of a remake, and even those who suggested their own favorites to star in the remake:

"WB does remakes well, have to give em that. This could be good if done right."

"If they have to make this…cast Ariana Grande."

What do you make of the prospect of a remake of this classic?

While there is a lot of division about the subject, no matter what the remake is like the original will always be there for those who want it. It will be one hell of a job for whichever actor has to replace Whitney Houston though.

Let us know where you stand on the recent slew of Hollywood remakes in the comments!

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