Parents Are Sharing Their Kids' Weird But Wholesome Obsessions

Kids do the strangest things. The strangest, funniest, most confusing things. One of the trials new parents can face is simply learning how to navigate their children's abstract way of thinking and seemingly random desires.

Parents across social media platforms will discuss their kids interests, especially those that seem a little silly. Here's a collection of some weird yet wholesome ones.

Bump in the night.

Unsplash | James Cousins

"My animal-obsessed son has decided that he's nocturnal. He still sleeps at night but insists that he can see in the dark & won't let us turn on the lights for him. The highlight of my evening is him tripping over toys and bumping into walls while acting like he meant to do it."

Marine lessons.

Unsplash | Irina Iriser

"I love this part of parenthood. My kids are currently obsessed with the ocean (thank you, Octonauts), so I've learned a ton about jellyfish, whales, turles, polar bears, etc. We get at least 2 books a week about animals in the coral reef and such. I'm loving it."

In reverse.

Unsplash | Jon Flobrant

"You think you’re going to have a pretty normal day and then your 5-year-old announces she only walks backwards now."

Just get her a set of rearview mirrors! This navigation practice will be great 11 years in the future when she's learning how to drive.

Healthy portions.

Unsplash | Oliver Hale

"My daughter wanted to be a dragon for the longest time. Would only eat red food, to help with her 'fire.' So many bell peppers and strawberries."

It's far from the worst food obsession to have. At least this way, she's still getting her nutrients!

Playing the days away.

Unsplash | Zack Smith

"The thirteen-year-old got a kazoo. Thoughts and prayers, please."

The kazoo is the perfect instrument. Right at the intersection of well-known, rarely played, and annoying that it becomes an absolute joy for whoever learns it. They have a fun fact about themselves for ages.

Haute couture.

"My son opening [an] Amazon package just now 'Oh, I think these are my top hats.'"

A man who purchases himself multiple top hats must be greatly concerned with his image, only wanting to appear in the fanciest of ways. He's got style.

Ins and outs.

Pexels | Alexander Isreb

"I want [to] support my children and encourage them to follow their dreams, but right now my 3yo's dream seems to be to open every cupboard door in IKEA."

I don't blame them, that place seems like a magical portal to another world when you're a kid.

Righteous patriotism.

Pexels | Pixabay

"My 5 yo went from not knowing about the Olympics to yelling at the tv and trash talking entire nations in a matter of minutes."

You kid certainly has a lot of passion in them. This is a fine way to discover it, but maybe there are better ways to channel it.

Working the ditigal land.

Unsplash | Sharon Rosseels

"My son in the past couple of weeks, prompted by a friend playing it, has been playing [Farming] Simulator and happily spends time discussing the best tractor he can lease now.

"They've been working on the same farm for hours discussing the best way to farm their land etc."

It's all the rage!

Unsplash | Red Zeppelin

Another person brought up the same game, it's seemingly a hit among a small group of children and teens: "Thanks to Farming Simulator, my 14yo son knows way more about farm machinery and crops than any non-rural teenager really should."

Lofty dreams.

Unsplash | Emre

"This morning my toddler informed me — [with] great enthusiasm — that when she grows up, she will 'drink coffee!' and 'go to the office!' And it occurs to me that we’re modeling some pretty grim behavior around here."

Everybody's learning!

Pexels | Dan Hadley

"My son is obsessed with the moon, which means that suddenly I also am, and that I now understand more of how the moon works than I have in my whole life and it's pretty [expletive] amazing and I'm disappointed that I wasn't paying attention before this."

Business beginnings.

Unsplash | Michał Parzuchowski

"As a parent, I was prepared for the boy to get into violent video games, but I was not prepared for him to become obsessed with a vineyard management sim called Terroir and get upset about critics slagging off his Zinfandel."

Sweet sendoff.

"My 8yo daughter is on a Yosemite Sam kick. This morning, she saw me off by saying, 'Have a good day, you no-good bushwhackin’ varmint!'"

If there's one skill to instill in kids these days, it's the ability to craft unique insults so they're always equipped with perfect comebacks.

Pleasantly feathered.

Unsplash | Carlota Vidal

"[My] son is crying bc he wants to be a flamingo 'not a pretend one'."

A free flamingo, out in the wild eating as many shrimps as it pleases, not those plastic ones confined to people's lawns. Makes sense to me.

Professional mixing.

Unsplash | Christian Salas

"Ok so my daughter is obsessed with EDM and she [keeps asking] if I know Marshmellow Diplo and Skrillex. She wants turntables for her birthday .. she is THREE."

It's never too early to start having passions! If you get her that turntable, she can make every kindergarten class a party!

Digitally clean.

Unsplash | Marshall Williams

"My kids play a game on Roblox called Laundry Simulator where the point of the game is to do... laundry. I've asked them several times but they are not interested in doing this in real life."

'Round and 'round.

Unsplash | Sven Mieke

"My daughter’s s new favorite game is called 'walk around the table together'. It’s about as exciting as you’re imagining."

Sounds absolutely thrilling. Your daughter's mind if unmatched in its innovation and creative potential. We'll see her making hit video games in the future.

Fatherly traits.

Unsplash | Arpit Rastogi

"My kid got obsessed with MMORPGs where you reenact WWII on the land&air&sea. A side effect of this is that they are now INSUFFERABLY proficient at geography, just like their dad. I try never to put myself in the position of having to, say, find Dresden on a map in front of them."

Endless possibilities.

Unsplash | Dennis Klicker

"My son adores cooking/restaurant simulators. And an anthill simulator. And bee simulator. It’s so weird and also cool."

There seems to be something about simulators that really grab at kids' minds. They just want to be able to experience everything they can!